Is this what you would do if you couldn't afford to put gas in your SUV? Some people in California thought it was the right way to get out of 8 MPG drives. They paid arsonists $300 to torch the car and then tried to get the insurance money. You can probably guess that it didn't work out that way. Fire and more at AutoblogGreen.

Insurance fraud, arson and SUVs. Welcome, once again, to $3-a-gallon gasoline
Ford will start making fleet of hydrogen-powered buses this month
Ford engineers optimistic about fuel cell test fleet
Challenge Bibendum offers up a wealth of alternatives
From South Africa to Qatar on clean gas-to-liquid fuel
Clean diesel engines coming to New Zealand Volkswagen vans
Honda decides to keep building green in the UK despite lack of carbon grants
New Haven runs out of free parking stickers for hybrid drivers
"Moovada", the first diesel-hybrid SUV
Virginians win second year 2006 Challenge X hybrid SUV contest

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