• Jun 12th 2006 at 2:03PM
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A pair of young Australian brothers who were apparently over eager to see their grandfather decided to clandestinely borrow their grandmother's red Holden Commodore on Sunday and set out to find him. The two boys drove around 60 miles, none of which would be news if the boys weren't ages 10 and six.

To their eternal credit, the two appear to be decent drivers-- they reportedly weren't driving erratically, and were only pulled over by police after some truckers had tipped off police. Once pursuing police flicked on their lights, the boys dutifully pulled over, then hopped in the back seat, ostensibly to make like they had been passengers the entire time.

Interestingly, the authorities spoke with the boys' relatives, and no further repercussions are planned.

[Sources: The Herald Sun; Bamca.org]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      thank Gran Turismo for their skills... if this had happened pre-Playstation, results may have been disastrous.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Yes, I suppose it's pretty funny, especially the bit about them jumping into the back seat. However if they'd run your child / mother over, uninsured and unlicensed I wonder if we'd think it quite as funny.
      • 9 Years Ago
      lol @ number 3 - the roads down here arent good enough to start manically screaming lines from famous movies when you get on them...heck, if i were to pick roads for cruising, id be picking the wide, never ending roads of LA over the skinny and annoying roads here in adelaide.

      but yes, interesting story and im a little surprised to see they didnt get any punishment for their actions...good thing they werent in any accidents because their families could possibly have been very reamed if so. i remember reading a story in the paper once of an L plater who was driving without a full licence holder next to HER (which is illegal in australia, because the whole point of a learners permit is that you have to drive while supervised), and because she was indeed an L plater and sucked at driving, swerved to avoid a dog on the road, hit a bunch of things on the side of the road, flipped the car and ended up in a stobie pole...needless to say the police didnt file charges because she had likely learned her lesson from the fact that insurance wasnt going to cover the hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage, and the rather serious injuries she sustained as a result.

      these little guys ought end up pretty good drivers in the future...heck, if the commodore was manual (unlikely) then that makes them better drivers than like 80% of you stateside! jks! :P
      • 9 Years Ago
      Good thing it wasn't Florida. The cops would have tazered 'em and then claimed they the kids had a gun.
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