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With Bluetooth hands-free phoning trickling all the way down to the options lists of  inexpensive motors like the Nissan Versa, high-end car manufacturers are searching for new points of differentiation in the telephony wars.

BMW has taken the battle to the back seat, as rear seat hands-free will be an option on its 7-Series lineup in the not-too-distant future. The Peikar Acustic wireless phone will allow storage of 100 speed dial numbers.

[Sources: TelematicsJournal.com; WHTHmusic.com]

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      I bet it wasn't hands-free either, eh Mal?

      I don't have anything remotely intelligent to say about this article, just that this is my favorite accompanying photo on Autoblog... ever.
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      i already have that in my sunfire! its called a cellphone!
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      My generation made great use of the back seat, and it wasn't to yak on the telephone!
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      Where did you get that picture!!!

      Gawd, What is that.....velvet??? ;-)
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      super fly guy
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      Rick... WTF!!!

      Where did that come from???

      What is with the f*cking racists stereotypes on AutoBlog!!
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      So Rick, why does it have to be stolen? Back in the 60's/70's that was mid to upper class business attire. Noticing how there is no overdone jewelry, gold, etc. you can rule out the pimp factor too.

      Shaft! Damn right!