• May 31st 2006 at 6:02PM
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While we were mighty impressed with Mitsubishi's upcoming new Outlander during its debut at the New York auto show, we had no idea Mitsu was planning to pimp it out with gold plating. The Outlander G-Limited features 18-inch aluminum rims, a grille surround and pin stripes that are all colored gold. We hesitate to say dipped, cast or painted gold, because that rare yet soft yellow metal may not be a part of the process as far as we know. Otherwise the G-Limited is standard Outlander fare with the company's 2.4L MIVEC four-cylinder and CVT transmission. The subtly pimped G-Limited will go for about $25K in Japan.

[Source: NoonzWheels]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Years Ago
      what is that thing sticking out of the hood?
      • 9 Years Ago
      You guys... do realize that this is a Japan-only special edition, right? No offense to the Autoblog poster, but this edition has nothing to do with NA buyers.

      The extra mirror "appendage" is required by Japanese law on any truck/SUV sold in the domestic market. If this Outlander were to be sold in the States, it wouldn't be there.

      Having become a bit of a Mitsu fan during the ownership of my Eclipse (and driving the Lancer Ralliart, Evo, Galant, and Endeavor), I hope the new Outlander does well. Just don't bring anything as silly as this special edition to the States, please...
      • 9 Years Ago
      If Mitsubishi were to accent their Outlander with real gold they'd have to rename it the Mitsubishi Outlandish!
      • 9 Years Ago
      Guys, what can I tell you...this is a dumb idea. The last car that looked good with gold rims and trim was the 1978 Pontiac TransAm.

      NEVERTHELESS. The Outlander kicks ass.

      /Getting mine in ice blue.
      //Can't wait to drive it in the V-6
      • 9 Years Ago
      • 9 Years Ago
      this new outlander is pimpish
      • 9 Years Ago
      And another thing.
      The Impreza, while otherwise being a nifty car, looks dumb with the blue and gold thing.

      /Evo always comes out a nose ahead on the street
      //Wait for it...Evo X
      • 9 Years Ago
      Gold rims been out of style. Platinum is in, or something that looks like it (chrome).
      • 9 Years Ago
      they look like mazda 3 wheels painted gold
      • 9 Years Ago
      If anyone wants to buy a nice, hot car...why go with a falsly-decked out shitsubishi?

      i love freedom of speech
      • 9 Years Ago
      I am a proud owner of a Mitsubishi Galant. I love it! I would drive the Outlander in a second. Just not with the 'gold package.' I don't think I need the extra mirror either. They need to alter it for the USA since we seem to have taste and they don't. They can build a good, dependable vehicle though!
      • 9 Years Ago
      5. Mitsufan
      Come on, a blue Subaru Impreza/WRX with those gold wheels is quite hot. This this is just funny looking, and what IS with the extra hangiedeal on the left side? Looks like a mirror?
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