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Saturn's General Manager Jill Lajdziak has come out to ensure the brand's customers that while they may have to wait in a long line for their Saturn Sky Redline, greedy dealers won't gouge them in the checkout line. While official pricing has yet to be released, insiders peg the price for the turbo ragtop to be around $26K, or $3K above the normal Sky's price. Lajdziak stated, "it doesn't fit with the brand [image]," referring to Saturn's history of no-haggle pricing and stellar customer service. This begs the question whether or not you think dealers are being greedy for charging a premium if people are willing to pay it, as simple supply-and-demand economics suggests the Sky Redline will be worth more in the marketplace than it's priced. While the high performance ragtop has yet to sellout, if it does we'll expect to see some price gouging on eBay Motors and other reselling sites.
Also of note is that Lajdziak revealed there would be no Sky Greenline edition for this generation, but that perhaps the next generation Sky would be large enough to accommodate a battery pack and hybrid drivetrain.

[Source: Inside Line]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      Good to hear that the next Sky might be larger--not.

      When will they learn that larger isn't necessarily better?

      The trouble with pricing sports cars is that they're often hot right out of the gate then cool before the year is out. So if you price at market initially, you need to cut prices severely or provide huge incentives later.

      Around Detroit the dealers are excellent. They sell at MSRP, and even keep a demo on hand even though the car is sold out through the end of the year and they can't take any more orders.

      My site's page for the Sky, with links to my review and common price comparisons:


      As this thread makes clear, count on paying at least MSRP, if you can find a car at all.
      • 9 Years Ago
      When I was in the market for a car in late 1990, Saturn was a new company and its no-haggle pricing was fair, but not any better than a well-negotiated deal on any other similar car.

      When checking off options what I wanted on Saturn's pre-printed price list (there was no internet for me that long ago), I did slightly better negotiating for a similarly equipped Mazda Protege that had a known, superior service record.

      The real benefit of Saturn's no-haggle pricing is for people who can't or won't go through the effort to negotiate a fair deal from typically sleazy auto salesmen.

      But for people who do their homework on the internet, a serious buyer will know within just a few dollars of what a new car should cost, so there's little need for no-haggle pricing.

      What I'd rather see Saturn continue is its dent-resistant doors and fenders, but plastic and narrow panel gaps seem to be mutually exclusive.

      Seems that the future of Saturn is to be just another GM division to replace Oldsmobile. That isn't bad, but is it any better?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Saturn can choke on the Sky. Pontiac on the Solstice too. You`d think they were the only game in town. They come into a market already flooded with two seat roadsters and pretend they have something really special. I think Saturn has been taking lessons from Harley Davidson with their snooty you`ll pay what we charge attitude. After all is said and done...being seen in the cockpit of a Sky or Solstice will mark a person as a fool that loves to be taken advantage of and who can`t control their impulses to be the first kid on the block with a new toy.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Yeah the problem here is that when people are expecting a no-haggle experience (which btw, I think actually does help sales since it's just more pleasant to know how much you're going to be paying instead of feeling like you're being ripped off) and they walk into the Saturn dealership expecting a simple transaction only to find that they're up against the usual markups. That's definitely not going to help the brand if people have been told that it's a no haggle brand but they walk into dealerships to find huge markups.
      Still, here's hoping that GM can exert enough control over their dealerships to prevent that.
      • 9 Years Ago
      As is so often pointed out here, "let the market decide the price" that's what over sticker is. If someone is silly enough to pay a premium to be first on the block so be it.
      • 9 Years Ago
      anahit, that's interesting.

      How then does Saturn get its dealers to agree to no-haggle/sticker based pricing at all? According to what you've said, they shouldn't have to do that either.
      Jim Hironimus
      • 9 Years Ago
      We ordered a Sky here in Las Vegas 3 months ago, paid a $1000.00 deposit and were not told anything but the msrp price and the price of the additions we wanted.The car is a week away from getting here and the owners son calls and asks if we were told about the additional $2400-$3000.00 that we were required to pay. I said no and he tried to talk us into paying it. He even said his father, who owns the two dealerships here in Las Vegas agreed and he would buy it himself and sell it for $3000.00 over msrp. I ask to have my money returned and also a letter explaining why they refused to sell it to us for msrp and it was their screw up due to the fact a salesman never told us about it when they took the deposit. They answered that they could not sell it to us below Fair market Value. I called Saturns complaint line , they said there was nothing they could do to help us, it was a dealership matter. What kind of BS is this ? They let some big dealership who gets 20-40 skys a year overprice them and screw the customer ? I will NEVER buy a saturn. SO MUCH FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION> I will also not buy any car from the FINDLEY family of dealerships here in Las Vegas. They only care about money. Someday Vegas will stop growing and then they will learn what customer service is all about. Saturn said Fair Market value should have been MSRP ?????
      • 9 Years Ago
      When I test drove a Vue a while ago, I made it clear that I had no intention to buy and I was probably there to waste the nice salespeson's time.

      He replied that since he was on salary, he did not make an extra dime if he sold a car or not, so as I looked like a customer, he would treat me like one and spent a good hour chi chatting and showing up features. He also told me how he liked to be a Saturn salesguy since he did not have to push the high pressure sales crap down people's throat.

      I though: wow, sales peopple are people too! How human.

      Personally, I don't think dealerships are necessary. Testdrive at a place where they don't sell cars, buy from the internet, built to order, exactly how you want it. a la Dell.

      High pressure sales crap don't work with me. I do my homework, I know what I'm gonna pay. If I don't get it, I just walk. Go ahead, talk to your sales manager while I go visit one of your many competitors. Call me if you want to sell me a car.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Lajdziak stated, "it doesn't fit with the brand [image]"

      IMO, this is not going to fly for long with Saturn, starting to price their vehicles higher than Chevy and Pontiac will bite them in the butt later on. It seems like they're making Saturn into what Pontiac should be. Sorry, you needed a little more than the GTO to put excitment back into the brand.
      • 9 Years Ago
      So what's the recent record for premium pricing. I thought I read where dealers were getting $30K (!) above invoice for the retro (gay) TBird.

      • 9 Years Ago
      Saturns are often priced lower than Chevrolets, but Chevrolets are available with rebates and discounts, making the typical sales price lower.

      Using my site, you'll find that the Relay is priced about $1,000 below an Uplander, but the Chevrolet has a $1,000 rebate the Saturn does not have, and is likely available with at least a $1,000 discount.
      • 9 Years Ago
      > perhaps the next generation Sky would be large enough to accommodate a battery pack and hybrid drivetrain

      Some of us would settle for a trunk that can accommodate more than toothbrush.

      This car is a plaything, pure and simple - the lack of storage space proves it. It's the ideal third vehicle for someone who doesn't have enough sense to buy a Mazda MX-5.
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