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In March General Motors partnered with the College for Creative Studies and began visiting 15 Detroit area public high schools to seek out and encourage the next generation of car designers coming up the ranks. Seasoned car designers from GM's Design Center and students from CSS provided instruction to the students who were charged with designing a vehicle for the 17-25 year-old crowd. The 50 lucky students chosen for the program, which is called "You Make a Difference," were invited to also participate in Advanced Sketching Clinics during the summer and six will receive a $5,000 scholarship towards freshman tuition at CSS. Last night the students' work was displayed at an evening reception held at CSS. We'll be scouring the net for some pics of the students' work in the coming days.
If GM and the College for Creative Studies had walked into my high school I probably would have vacated my bowels in excitement as, like many young auto enthusiasts, car design was at the top of my list for future careers. Unfortunately I (arguably) learned how to construct complete sentences while speaking colorfully about cars... sigh.

[Source: GM]

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      I'm guessing CSS (used 3 times) stands for College for creative StudieS.

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      Detroit high school students? What type of interiors are they designing-graffiti covered rolling boom boxes?

      But after looking at them, maybe it is a step up from the preschoolers who design the current GM interiors. Maybe they'll get beyond the fingerpaint and play-doh look.

      Gives a whole new meaning to "Body by Fisher. Interior by Fisher-Price."
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      Jim, I see that you are not familiar with the situation at Detroit public schools.
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      I have great talent in car design and I'm looking forward to join the industry. I belive when assisted to join this industry, I will be one of the greatest stars. I have over 20 great car designs in pencil at the moment.
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      I to join a school of car design but I do not have enough money to travel abroad to persue the course. on addition to that, I do not have enough information about foregin schools and schools of car design.
      I'm therefore requesting you to help me to achieve my dream.
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      One big problem with GM and Ford is that they're stuck in the midwestern rut and largely out of touch with many of todays car buyers. Getting more Detroiters into GM ranks isn't going to improve product. How about going into schools in Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix or Atlanta and try to get some fresh ideas? GM is going to have to start thinking outside the box if they're going to succeed.
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      This is a wonderful program. With backing for the arts and design in the inner city, budge lacking schools, GM is showing it's philanthropy and far sightedness. With the economy in the toilet, and Federal funds cutting aid to the States every new cabinet, it is commendable when the private sector jumps in and funds art education. It's the first area to be cut. At our school, the only way we balance our books in the black is through private foundation grants and alumni donations. Very few schools are profitable, even fewer can manage on tuition/fees for their operating budgets.
      Someday, these kids from Detroit may work for GM, Ford, Toyota and Honda design centers in California, showing how art students in our country are leaders in creative, beautiful, "fresh" automobiles.
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      Why not open this up to public schools across the country? I'd think the search would fare especially well in magnate/charter high schools that have a technical/design focus.

      This about it, GM. They don't have to be in your backyard; the Internet is a wonderful tool.
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      Your ignorance is unquestionable.
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      Next thing you know 20-inch spinners, trunk-sized systems, laid-back seats, and dark tinted windows will come standard with all GM's. How great is that! Celebrating diversity at its finest, yo.

      Seriously, GM, get out of the midwest and see rest of this country! You are not gonna get anything fresh out of these Detroit kids. People in the rest of the country are not buying your cars, do you see a problem?