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Apparently the American auto industry's reputation is particularly worthless in South Africa as this billboard ad for the SMART forfour shot on the side of the road near Johannesburg portends. It glibly reads, "German engineering, Swiss innovation, American nothing." The parent company of SMART, DaimlerChrysler, happens to be a "German-American" multinational corporation, so the fortwo has deeper ties to these United States than this billboard and SMART's ad agency suggest.

[Source: NeanderNews via TCC Confidential]

UPDATE: The car on the billboard has four doors, which makes it a forfour, not a fortwo.

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      You know it's too bad that some idiots are rolling around making crappy POS comments.

      If you don't find this funny,get help.
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      It's good to hear from you! When did you get out of prison? Give me a call sometime. I'll pick up a six-pack of Paulaner, jump in the Mitsubishi and head over to your place some night. We can watch that French film you like--what was it called? Amelie? Yeah, call me.

      The Irish Guy
      • 9 Years Ago
      The car probably has no South African content either. Chrysler had a reputation for being an on-and-off participant in the SA market (see also Australia), local Fords were basically European and the local GM unit gave up on Chevy product a long time ago in favour of Opel (and more recently, GMDAT and Holden).
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      Oh wait, I think lithious has made a comeback as "JR."

      Same empty-headed logic, same hateful BS.
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      Talk about biting the hand that feeds you; the recent success of American Chryslers has been supporting this falure of a brand for years now. Ironic that while they brag about "German Engineering and Swiss Innovation", those "features" obviously don't sell enough cars to make SMART profitable. Maybe they should learn a thing or two from their American counterparts instead of insulting them. Or maybe they're just bitter they have no market share here in the biggest automotive market in the world. Either way, pathetic SMART has stooped to a new low with this ad.
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      Take a breath. First off, I don't know about free speech in South Africa, but if I remember right here in the US, we have the right to say how we feel, and make statements that not everyone agrees with. That being said, when people run their mouths, and say ignorant, and useless things, it just gets everyone upset, and nothing gets accomplished. Last time I checked this site was about cars. So, the bottom line is there is no excuse for being and ignorant moron. Just because you have the freedom to be a retarded boob, doesn't mean you should. That goes for everyone. Educate yourself before you open your mouth.

      Do I like that they are picking on American cars, or Americans for that matter? No, but lets face the facts, there are a lot of people in other parts of the world that hate us no matter what we do. So, just accept it an move on. DCX is in the business to make money. If you think for one second they have any loyalties that are stonger than a dollar, or a euro, you better think again. DCX is a giant corporation that is looking to separate you from your money, so they will be as creative as the need to be. Besides, look at all the free advertising this car just received.
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      Tyrone, I could demolish you with statistics as to why America isn't the best country to live in. But I can't be bothered. Unless you really want me to.
      • 9 Years Ago
      About JR: Don't worry folks, I can communicate with him. I learned "doofus" while working in the hills of Arkansas.

      JR: i been on a round trip acros lots a contries inclduing jap land. those dinky ass cars they drive are so they dont such so much gas like american suvs. gas cost a lot there just like it does in germany an poland were your from jackass.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Change "American nothing" to America has to many useless lawyers
      • 9 Years Ago
      Who cares what the add says, the fact is that people read it and think! It did its job, look at www.Carster.com for more pictures of smart cars.
      • 9 Years Ago

      JR, you would have been better off keeping your trap shut. You prove the stereotype of the stupid (can't write properly), lazy (can't compete) American. I assume that you are from the USA. I am embarrassed that we are citizens of the same country.

      "Must be a moron to even make that statement.
      Try cruising around a so called country like jap land island and then taking a round trip across the USA
      You can stick those dinky ass cars where it belongs up your ass, its a big American car you call it as lazy etc that makes the drive much more in comfort then some riceball 2 inches off the ground looking through the steering wheel
      As to greed, pot calling the keddle black, its the japs and nazi nameplates that are the greedy bastards that not only want the high profits but also to buy up as much of American land as they can."
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      I have driven this car. It's very different...

      Review to follow tomorrow.


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