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M3 who? Sorry BMW, you're gonna to have to equip the next M3 with more than just a 400-hp V8 if you hope to keep up with MB's upcoming C63 AMG. We've seen enough spy shots of the garden variety C-Class than we care to admit, but there's something about a car in camo sporting a 6.2L V8 producing a downright silly amount of horsepower that grabs our attention. How does 503 horses work for you? Forget about the M3, AMG is fishing for the M5 with this one.
[Source: Car and Driver]

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      does anyone else hate the use of the word fanboy? it is a terrible word.

      beyond that, you can't say a bimmer is a barge. that simply isn't true. and, so what if the m3 has an iron block? it revs to 8000rpm and puts out over 100hp/L. The Corvette has pushrods, and the 911 has a ridiculous rear weight bias. But, all 3 cars use their seemingly antiquated technologies in amazing ways. they are engineered well, and perform accordingly. the 3 series, and specifically the m3, have not set the standard for sport sedans for 20 years by being barges. when racing on a track, they might get beaten by a few more dedicated sports cars. but, they provide a unique package of handling, driver feel, and luxury that most other cars can't match for the money.
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      I've been a V8 guy forever. I had a '99 C43 and now I own a C55 with 19" wheels and big rubber. Neither car was front heavy. But, both cars were drag racers. The C55 is pure 'go' to 158mph. I would't argue with this car not being a track car. I just put a deposit down on a C63.The dealer has a phenominal record of getting the first of any of the hot MB's. My C55 was delivered in June of '04. Can't eait
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      I've driven on track a C5 Z06, a C6 Z06, numerous AMG Benzes, two M3s (one in very well sorted track prep form), several Audis, three kinds of Vipers, a tube-frame Mustang road racer, two kinds of tube-frame Camaro road racers, and a slew of Porsches. Among other things.

      So speaking with that background:

      There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in the M3's on-track handling. It's an excellent car. AMG makes very competent high-performance road cars, but they don't make good track cars, and they were never intended to be used that way. I could whip an M3 on-track like a redheaded stepchild in practically any Vette and many of the other cars I listed, but I'd also probably prefer to drive the M3 anyway in many cases, since it's just a great car. It feels good.

      I may give serious though to this C63 (although a CLK is far more enticing), but that's only because I already have a bunch of track cars. An M3 almost made the cut for my track-car garage, but it was too road-oriented and too expensive to really do up right as a track car. An AMG goes even further in the wrong direction.

      Comparing this car to the M3 in track terms is a stupid and irrelevant exercise, as few (and very possibly none) of them will ever see any track time. If you can afford one, you can also afford a track car.
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      Nothing like bench racing with people who think one dimesionally and feel compelled to make comparisions with products that have different goals. Anyway, the next C63's engine looks to be a very nice piece. It's nice to see Ilmor's acquisition playing out for the star.
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      Chris Simmons, how is the M3 getting its nose wiped at the tracks? Read the article you mentioned again:


      And can you please link to the Best Motoring article where the M3 gets its nose wiped?
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      by the way, if the M3 is getting its nose wiped than you can put the 911 in that category, as waay overpriced, read the porsche section of that road and track article.
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      The BMW fanboys will always have their excuses, when in reality, the E46 M3 *IS* a front-heavy iron-block barge that frequently had its nose wiped on tracks by competition like the C6 Corvette (at $10,000 less), the Nissan 350Z (at half the price), the Subaru WRX STi, the Mitsu Evo, the Porsche Cayman and the Lotus Elise. (Check out the numerous comparisons like David vs. the Goliaths on Road and Track, Best Motoring, etc. M3 typically is toward the back of the field on a road course, if not dead last). Yes, the M3's transmission is geared for good 0-60 acceleration, but if you want to talk handling, in reality, BMW has lost the "Ultimate Driving Machine" throne long ago. We had high hopes for the new Z4 after the atrocious Z3, but the Z4 is generally considered a driving experience joke compared to the Boxster. Maybe it's just the "Ultimate Marketing Machine" now.
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      I'm not worried about the C63 mounting a serious challenge to the M3. Think about it, this car will be seriously front heavy and will handle like a barge 'round the corners.
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      Looks alot like the Sonata's rear shape.
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      Chris S, right on!!! Bimmer fan boys are typical and cliché. They always rant about the “performance” and say "drive one and you will get it". Get what? Over 50% of Bummer buyers are chicks and they care more about their vain yuppie image than “performance”or anything else. Drive a Bimmer on what to get what? Bimmers are basically overweighed road cars with all the crash protection equipment required by regulations. So a secretary driving a 325i at 40 mph in traffic will get what? Take a Lotus Exgie, or some of the cars Chris mentioned to the track, learn some real driving lessons and come back and tell me you really get it then, Bimmer fanbous!