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Sibling Autoblog Green has posted about NuRide, a decidedly different type of carpool system. With NuRide, patrons are matched with other riders/drivers with similar start and destinations during the date/time. The system has an eBay-esque type rating system, so participants can avoid the rider/driver whose musical/cologne/hygene habits aren't mutual. Finally, NuRiders earn points every time they share a ride, with credits being redeemable at places like Target, Wine.com, Brookstone, and other vendors.
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      I work at NuRide, and would like to set some facts straight. One way that NuRide and Casual carpooling are similar is that you don't have to use either every day, they are both very flexible. Casual Carpooling/slugging works for many people, and probably always will. However,
      NuRide is different from "casual carpooling"/slugging in a number of ways:

      1. When you share rides on the NuRide system, you earn NuRide points which you can redeem for gift certificates - up to $750/year. They are provided to us by our sponsors - companies like Chevron, Brookstone, and XM Satellite Radio. No other ridesharing system does this - none.

      2. With NuRide, a woman can set "travel criteria" so that they can only be matched up with, for example, other women, who don't smoke, and who have received high NuRide ratings (person is a good driver, car is in safe condition, person is punctual, and is considerate).

      3. People who share rides via casual carpooling/slugging are doing so anonymously. But NuRiders are not sharing rides anonymously because you have to sign up for NuRide with your work/school email address ("@companyname.com", "@nonprofit.org" or "@stateu.edu" email address).

      4. Casual Carpooling only works where there are HOV lanes/bridges. In the cities where NuRide is available (D.C., New York, Houston, Hampton Roads, VA, and the entire state of CT), NuRide works everywhere cars go, not just where there are HOV lanes/bridges.

      As of May 2006, NuRiders have taken over 12,000,000 miles of traffic off the roads, have prevented 5,000 tons of emissions, have earned over $1,000,000 in rewards, and saved over $2,500,000 in less gas and wear and tear on their vehicles.

      Please visit our site, and click Contact Us if you have any questions.
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      I find it hilarious that I sent in some news about boompa.com launching this week and that for some reason nuride.com gets a mention and we don't. ha!

      Oh well, I guess I'm just bitter.
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      Also called NuRape.

      HORRIBLE idea.

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      So...instead of the terrible prospect of sharing a car with coworkers in the morning...I could have the even more terrible prospect of sharing a car with a complete stranger.

      What could possibly go wrong?
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      No, you see there's a rating system for each driver like on ebay. So you'll know exactly what you're getting yourself into. Those who rape their car pool partners will get bad reviews. Rape care pool partners more than 3 times and you're ejected from the system.

      It's really perfectly safe, but don't for get to use PoolPal...for 20 cents on the dollar they'll make sure you don't get raped and if you do, they'll...uhmm make you wait for years while they investigate what happened and then make it seem like it was your fault.

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      I use nuride, and it works.
      You do have to have a certain e-mail address like from a company or university to make it more reliable and easier to trace you as a person if you are EVIL!
      I used my school e-mail and started getting points for a person that usually rode with me anyway. We didn't all the time before, but we try to even more now.
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      For a second I thought it said NuDride, which would have been more interesting...
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      In the San Francisco Bay Area, we have Casual Carpool, which is very similar. Riders wait near bus stops and subway stations and drivers swing by. The carpool lanes are 3 in a car, so the driver picks up 2 people, and off they go. I've done it for years, as have many of my friends. No one has ever experienced a problem. Maybe it's safer here than where you guys live.


      • 9 Years Ago
      Great idea. I hope everyone else in my town does so I get the road to myself.

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