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Amidst the "19 new engines" announcement from General Motors Thursday was a brand-new engine of particular significance for the power-hungry (and aren't we all?): a 3.6 liter all-aluminum V6 with direct injection and variable valve timing. The new V6 is promised for the 2008 model year, with a launch vehicle "to be announced."

Destined to be GM's highest specific output non-turbo engine, the new V6 sounds like a natural for the V6 versions of the new Camaro. The new engine promises a 15 percent boost in horsepower over GM's current V6 powerplants, accompanied by an 8 percent increase in torque. Lower emissions and better fuel economy accompany the power boost.

Features of the high-tech V6 include:
  • Aluminum engine block and cylinder heads
  • Dual overhead cams with four valves per cylinder and silent chain primary drive
  • High-pressure, engine-driven fuel pump
  • Advanced multi-outlet fuel injectors developed to withstand high pressure and heat
  • Stainless steel, variable pressure fuel rail
  • Four-cam phasing (VVT – see description below)
  • 11.3:1 compression ratio
  • Aluminum pistons with floating wrist pins and oil squirters
  • Polymer coated piston skirts
  • Forged steel crankshaft
  • Sinter-forged connecting rods
  • Structural cast-aluminum oil pan with steel baffles
  • Electronic throttle control with integrated cruise control
  • Coil-on-plug ignition
  • Advanced direct injection capable engine control module (ECM)

[Source: GM]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      As I've mentioned here, 300hp from 3.6L is not something ocmpletely leading edge.


      Performance alone is not the only yardstick - the sound, how free revving it is (I was totally impressed by how fast the new Porsche engines hit red line compared to my 10 year old one which is no slouch at all), and smoothness.

      Unfortunately, there's nothing that suggests this engine would be class leading in those parameters either.

      OTOH, a car is more than the engine, and GM shows that it is at least capable of building competitive engines. Now just stick in a Solstice or Sky, put in Corvette styling cues, and sell it as an entry-level Corvette :)
      • 9 Years Ago
      GM has habitually put there DOHC V6 engines in Buicks, Caddy's, Olds. for example the "High Feature V6"s, LY7 LP1. They will still use pushrod V6s in the majority of their cars. Ford and Chryler have been offering DOHC V6s for a few years now in regular models, like the Taurus and Sebring. So GM are kinda behind the times flogging still those old engines based on the 3800. Just in case anybody wondered, they have been using DOHC V8s for awhile though.
      • 9 Years Ago
      As for Ford being technically advanced, the new 3.5L is at least as advanced than any of the new Japanese V6s. Why? Because is able to create 265HP & 250Ft-lb of torque without direct injection. The engine is designed to accept direct injection, so it should be assumed when they add it, the performance numbers will bring it to another level.
      The competition:
      Nissan (Maxima) V6: 265HP, Direct Inject, Premium Fuel
      Toyota (Avalon) V6: 268HP, 248ft-lb, Direct Injection, Regular Fuel.
      • 9 Years Ago
      The high compression ratio is because of the DI. Direct injection allows the use of a high compression ratio. Its pretty much the whole point of using DI.

      GM first built a DOHC V6 in 91.

      GM first built a DOHC v8 in 1992.

      There is no current V6 based off the 3800.

      The current OHV V6 are based off the 60 degree family of V6s.

      GM is going to start using the FWD 6 speeds in the G6 and Aura. Rumor has it the 6 speed won't fit in the W-Body.

      RWD 6 speeds are already in the new SUV's and are going in the SRX, and STS V8.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "11.5:1 comp ratio!? seems kinda high for a fairly pedestrian motor."

      For a pedestrian motor, yes. Direct gasoline injection lets you run higher compression ratios without detonation; 11.5 is actually a bit on the low side.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Quote Phillip "What's the big deal? Toyota, Honda, Nissan, FORD and CHRYSLER have been building engines like this for years now. You can't possibly convince me that GM is making some remarkable new engine or offering some never before provided technology."

      That's not exactly a true statement. While many OEM have employed VVT, very few have used direct-injection. And regarding you comment on 4-cylinder engines, for the most part GM makes large cars. GM make an "good" engine in the Ecotech. However, with direct-injection and a turbo, the 260hp Ecotech will be a world-class engine.
      • 9 Years Ago
      300hp will not be class leading, far from it considering that it is 3.6 liters.


      Why 2008 MY? Why not 2007?
      • 9 Years Ago
      If by "these engines" you are referring to Direct Injection Gasoline then um no.

      Lexus makes 1 Direct injection (DI) gasoline engine that also uses a set of port injectors.

      Honda has 1 DI gasoline engine in a minivan in Japan ... 0 in the states.

      Don't know about Nissan.

      BMW, VW, MB, all have DI gasoline engine(s)

      Mitsubishi had one running stratified charge combustion ... not sure what became of it.

      "You can't possibly convince me that GM is making some remarkable new engine or offering some never before provided technology."

      Well direct injection gasoline was offered on the 1954 Mercedes 300 sl, WWII aircraft etc ... so its not that "new" or never before provided what is new is that it is going to be available at a reasonable price.

      GM is also offering a 2.0L DI 4 cylinder


      GM has been putting a DI 4 in an opel several yrs now.

      It is fine to like one brand over another, but if you do not check your facts you only make yourself look silly.
      • 9 Years Ago
      the day GM meets technology has finally come!!!! lol!
      • 9 Years Ago
      The optimist in me wants to congratulate GM. They have some good engines at the higher end...nice to see something that can compete in the middle of the market.

      The cynic in me, however, wonders how this engine will perform paired to a four-speed auto.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Welcome to the 21st Century. I'm not praising GM for this one. What's the big deal? Toyota, Honda, Nissan, FORD and CHRYSLER have been building engines like this for years now. You can't possibly convince me that GM is making some remarkable new engine or offering some never before provided technology. I'm glad they finally woke up and climbed out of the stone age.
      • 9 Years Ago
      11.5:1 comp ratio!? seems kinda high for a fairly pedestrian motor.
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