• May 18th 2006 at 5:04PM
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Automotive mogul Malcolm Bricklin announced Wednesday that he has signed Marianne McInerney, former President of the American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) to be his Executive Vice President of Dealer/Industry Relations at Visionary Vehicles. The CEO is best known for his instrumental role in bringing Subaru and Yugo to North America, as well as for his ill-fated 'safety supercar,' the eponymous Bricklin SV-1.


Visionary Vehicles, you'll recall, is Bricklin's bid to bring Chinese vehicles to the North American marketplace. The high-profile entrepreneur has signed a joint venture with Chery Vehicles, and in the words of the company, this is the group's "first critical hire."

Check the link for the full press release.

[Source: Visionary Vehicles via PRNewswire]

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      • 9 Years Ago

      I am a partner with Mr. Howard Williams of Cord Automobile Company and would like to talk to Mr. Bricklin about building the car in China and Indonesia.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Hey Rastus... grow up. Read a little bit and get some knowledge on GM's improvements. The only thing standing in their way is the Delphi issue. The UAW must agree with being competitive as does every GM worker. The cars are getting better with every recent redesign and the cost side must improve. The quality is there, the design is there, and now they need the customers. China is a great country, however we don't need them in this area of North America. They already have reduced our smaller industries into boutique business based on cost... the UAW and GM must work together to prevent this from happening in the auto sector. GM and the UAW must do this because of the retarded trade policies and exchange rate situation they must compete with above and beyond all other previous expenses set out based on UAW contracts that were set in motion when times were good. Times have changed and now people are finally catching on. You should too.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I'm suprised that Wal-Mart is not selling Chinese cars. They could be chained to the side of the builing, next to the lawn mowers and the $99 gas grilles.
      • 9 Years Ago
      If it takes (once again) foreigners to serve as the crucible for change, so be it. What A-holes USA manufacturers are. Haven't you seen the smaller cars on the roads? Wanna buy a Ford Expedition, maybe a $5.00 a share Ford stock? Da Chinks are a comin' COMMUNITS, they big lying bastards of Asia that gave us Korea, Vietnam - the Cold war. With their 500cc & 750cc Geely Chery, I hope they knock the Amnr. auto makers on their fat asses. These dumb bastards know not what a customer wants. A new car getting 25 MPG highway? For God's sake gimme a break! This is 2006! My 1951 Hudon Pathfinder gave me 21MPGs.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I don't understand why many of you are so hostile towards Chinese cars. Chinese products are already all over the American market, electronics, clothes, pretty much everything. If the Chinese can allow GM to be their number one carmaker in their country, why can't the Americans be a little more open-minded? I doubt if Chery or Geely will post any real threats to the Big 2. It's the Koreans and low-end Japanese that they're competing against. If you really feel like supporting the UAW, blind fold your eyes and buy a demostic.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I agree pretty much with Glenn A.

      Geeley, Brilliance and Chery are all coming to American next year. With over 100 manufacturers in China, you can bet they will be watching that move very carefully. Marketshare is the name of the game in China. If you don't have it, or can't get it, you will soon be history. America has overcapacity IN its factories, while China has an overcapacity OF factories (well, not quite yet, but the writing is on the wall).

      Ol' Malcolm had better his eyes glued to the competition. What competition, you might ask? Who in the U.S. is selling fully loaded cars under 10g's? China should be able to grab that market quite easily, and then some. Yes, they will steal sales from GM, Ford & Chrysler too. Even Toyota and Honda will suffer.

      But don't forget to look behind your back, because Tata (from India) is going to be offering a 5 passenger car for $2,200. That is not a typo! $2,200!!! Wait till they start joining the invasion. Wal-Mart will sell millions of them! Wiping out American manufacturing forever.

      Manufacturing has been the backbone of this nation. But we have sold our asse(tt)s to foreigners. Now they control our economy, our dollars and our government and our lives.

      The current loss of confidence in the dollar crisis is only a harbinger of what is to come. Watch for major social, political and upheaval in America.

      The country is broke. Everyone else in the world knows it. Now you do too.

      Inflation is running rampant.
      Interest rates are climbing rapidly.
      The dollar is sinking dramatically.
      The Euro is and other currencies are gaining strength.
      Gold and silver are rising to unheard of levels.
      The deficit is unmanageable.
      The national debt is spiralling out of control.
      Oil prices are escalating daily.
      National and natural emergencies are taxing and sapping the nation's strength.
      War is looming on many fronts (too many to handle, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, N.Korea, etc.)

      We are in over our heads; and a major correction is forthcoming.

      We must regain control of our dollars.
      To do this we have to endure rising interest rates.
      The dollar must be allowed to continue to slide well below its current level (20 to 30%).
      This will force foreigners to dump dollars, further accelerating the dollar's decline.
      We must then stop importing oil, goods and services from outside the country.
      Sorry, this is the way it has got to be.
      Some exceptions could be allowed for products not available in America, such as coffee, bananas, etc.
      Foreign goods would skyrocket in price dramatically, thus releiving tension on the dollar.

      This would put Americans back to work. Jobs would be plentiful.
      Government instituted wage and price controls will be necessary for the new economy. A managed economy rather than free enterprise would prevail.
      Government reform is also necessary. The people are no longer in control. The governmant has become dictator.

      It has to happen. There is no other way (unless you prefer a wartime scenario).

      Sorry, I got a little off topic; but this is all related to what's happening now. Our future is at stake and most Americans don't realize it yet!
      • 9 Years Ago
      Jeff Crew, I find it ironic that you are telling others to grow up and "read". If you read anything at all, you would have already noticed that the Chinese economic invasion of the United States is COMPLETELY inevitable in almost ALL aspects, including the automobile industry. With or without Bricklin, sooner or later, cheap Chinese cars will be flooding the streets of not just our country, but probably most major countries of this world. When you're a poor, uneducated American (which most Americans of our next generations are) working 3 jobs to raise 3 kids, a Chinese car that runs adequately and fits the family but priced at 10k sounds much more better than a crap American car (with a promise that in 3 years the redesign will be much better) that costs twice the amount and has twice the problems. (I own a skoda in China, runs perfectly fine; the only problem was a faulty windshield wiper after it's 4th year). I suggest you read "The World is Flat" by Thomas L. Friedman, then take a vacation to China to understand why Bricklin and so many others see the potential from China, not America. In today's brutal dog-eat-dog world, it's not about how Chevy or Ford can restructure themselves to guarantee themselves profit, but more importantly, it's about countering the onslaught brought by China, India, and other rising countries. But the way it seems today, China is coming in, and theres nothing Chevy can do about it. We don't need the Chinese in this field? Take a look at today's high schools, then decide whether or not they can afford that American car instead of a Chinese car in their future lives.
      • 9 Years Ago
      ROFLMAO @ Gokartn
      • 9 Years Ago
      Well, GM is already selling part-Chinese cars in the United States right now and has done for several years.
      So it will be "intresting" to see if (when) GM whines and complains about the added competition, when in fact they are currently taking advantage of 25 cents per hour labor (Chinese made components) and 75 cents per hour labor (Mexican auto assembly).

      Check out the country of origin section on the Mulrony (price) sticker on a new Buick Rendezvouz. GM has the OHV and the DOHC engines both built in China for them, and assembles the (plastic clad) thingie in Mexico.

      The V6 in the new Chevrolet equate (whoops, that's Wal-Mart's "good as branded name, sorry, my bad), I mean, Chevy Equinox, is contract built by Suzuki in their CAMI plant in Cambridge, Ontario and - guess what? The GM designed V6 is from China, too. Not forgetting the Pontiac badge-engineered Torrent version, too.

      I was sitting at the mall in the spring of 2005 waiting for my wife to finish shopping. We were parked near a local Wal-Mart. I had our Newfoundland (still a pup at the time - "only" about 60 pounds) with me on a leash, sitting out on some grass under a tree near the parking lot entrance.

      She kept glaring at certain cars. Chevy = baleful glare. Chrysler = nothing. Buick = glare. Hyundai = nothing. GMC = glare. Oldsmobile = glare. Ford = nothing. And so on. No joke, no exaggeration. Every GM car - not just some of them - she attended to and glared at, ignoring every other brand.

      I couldn't help noticing that my Newf obviously must have sensed something "not good" about GM products. Whether they make an awful noise that only dogs can hear when braking, or what, I don't know - but I finally surmised that my Newfoundland pup was smarter than 25% of the American human public who buy GM crap.

      I no longer fall into that category, having sworn off GM, Ford and DCX products for the duration of my existance here on earth. Buying dozens of cars over 25 years is more than giving them chance after chance after chance, wouldn't you agree?

      As for the people who go in and out of Wal-Mart, well, I cannot notice any difference between Wal-Mart shoppers, K-Mart shoppers, Target shoppers and Meijer shoppers. And neither can my Newf, from what I can see.

      It isn't "just" Visionary Motors bringing Chery or Visionary or Cherry or whatever they'll call the car brand, from China.

      There are others, too, like Geely, and possibly even Brilliance and Great Wall brands (China Motor Corp I think, out of Arizona?)

      Yeah, I half expect Wal-Mart to sell "Equate" cars made in China for 40% less than GM crap before long. Wonder if they'll all be generic white? Who will make them? Zhongua? BYD? Geely? Brilliance? GM- Shangai? VW-Shangai? There are some 120 car manufacturers in red China to choose from. Not forgetting India and Romania (I hear the old Daewoo plant is readily available and could be bought for a song). Just think - brand new "Pontiac LeMans" Daewoo clones from the early 1980's made in Romania, for what, $7000 maybe? Wal-Mart could call it the equate Vladmobile. (That was a joke for those of you who might get it).
      • 9 Years Ago
      I hope this dousche fails miserably
      • 9 Years Ago
      Just think, GM with it's low-ball, cheap-ass POS Cavalier was ONLY a few SHORT years ago. If you think these guys (the Chinese) are "only" going after the Koreans you are absolutely crazy.

      GM is "THE" bottom-tier automaker nowadays. They are the junk at the bottom...they are the Wal-Mart Quality POS which people buy only because it costs less.

      I welcome the Chinese...much as I welcome the Japense and Koreans. If the American's can't get their act toghether..then their lunch will be eaten by a "foreigner".

      I'm with you Malcomb. Ever drive by a Wal-Mart on a Saturday? You see the filthy, litter strewn parking lots? You see the dirtbag customers POURING in and out of there? You see the soiled diapers they toss on the asphalt..becaues they are too GD lazy to use a trash can?

      These are the GM customers the Chinese are going after!!! Wecome Chery!!!
      • 9 Years Ago
      This from a 65 year old man----first it was the VW beetle, then the japanese, then the koreans----now, god forbid the chinese.
      From a former Union worker to the UAW, get your shit together before you're all out of work.
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