• May 12th 2006 at 3:22AM
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British peeps over at AutoExpress have caught a virtually naked Audi RS3 out testing near the company's HQ in Ingolstadt, Germany. The RS3 will have a wider track, larger wheels and significantly sport-tuned suspension as the spy shot shows, though what's under the hood has yet to be revealed. It could be powered by a pumped up version of the R32's V6 making somewhere around 350 bhp, or the RS4's 420-bhp V8 could find its way beneath the bonnet. Either way, the A3's small size and big engine will make for one awesome Audi.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      I know that no current Audi V8 will fit in there... just sayin' that there is a V8 that fits in an older smaller car in the same family... and in transverse mount... ;)
      • 9 Years Ago
      Lots of gullible people out there, not the first time where a modified car was labeled as a super secret production car.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Is it just me or is that wiper sticking out/up, not laying against the windshield? Otherwise why would there be a reflection of it on the hood? Or am I just missing something as I look at this pic...?
      • 9 Years Ago
      I’d love to see a RS3 but one wonders if many in the U.S. would buy a smallish $50,000 hatchback. The V-6 S-line goes for mid-upper 30’s I believe. 300-320hp with a manual or DSG would be great on a car that size with Quattro of course.
      • 9 Years Ago
      #8 Mattias: Just because it's in transverse layout doesn't mean a V8 won't fit in there.

      Google "Coupe DeGolf". A Mk2 Golf with a Cadillac Northstar V8 engine.

      That said, I think it's EXTREMELY unlikely that a V8 will go in there. Possibly the 3.6 FSI VR6, though, maybe?
      • 9 Years Ago
      Not sure why your link goes to a translation of an italian site. The autoexpress story is at http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/67427/audis_wild_rs3_is_go_go_go.html
      • 9 Years Ago
      They have been conned. That is some bloke who has modded a standard A3. When was the last time you saw a test mule with bonet pins and a carbon front splitter. the car has no disguise and the wheel arches are the standard size. They just look bigger because of the offset of the wheels.

      The head of Audi said that there would be no RS3, so why did he change his mind.

      Dont get me wrong, i would love there to be one, but that is not it.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Guys, just found out this is a car from H&R, it is not an RS3. http://nordschleifenfotos.de/_pic.php?date=20060422&nr=0075&m=0645&server=server02
      • 9 Years Ago
      We all know how credible AutoExpress is.
      • 9 Years Ago
      agree with #2

      - there are no fog lights
      - no 'rs' nor a 'quattro' badge on the grill
      - audi doesn't use single wipers
      - bonnet pins!
      - the front spoiler is clearly aftermarket style and it doesn't match the sillboards
      - and the most obvious: no chrome on the sidemirrors

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