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Lotus wants you to smell as delicious as the automaker's cars. A brainchild of Michael Albert's, the fragrance is described by its maker as follows: "Lotus is such an exclusive niche brand, and this is how I see the fragrance as well. It gives you a feeling of driving through the Mediterranean in an Elise - the open top of the car, the smell of the fresh flowers and the water."

The kickoff was a night to remember, complete with Playboy's Simon Stahl and bunny Joanna Krupa, not to mention a yellow Exige and a white Elise. The kicker was a golden key for each guest, one of which would open up a glass box containing a giveaway of a three-day luxury vacation at the Sivory Punta Cana Resort in the Caribbean. Sheesh, where was our invite to this shindig?

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      Lighten up man. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, or are you just a little insecure about writing that check? If you're gonna blink the first time you have to pony up another $10K to fix it/keep it running, get out now and buy a WRX.

      I've owned a half-dozen Brit cars over the years. GT6, 100-6, TR8,...and an Esprit. I had to spend almost a week, completely cleaning electrical connection points on a (then) 11 year old car. If you haven't heard the classic "Lots Of Trouble...",more times than you can count, then obviously you just got your first Lotus. That you can't chuckle about it, really makes me worry about you owning anything other than a Honda.

      If you have an Elise- it seems as though they might have gotten quality control up to the point where you can realistically drive the same Lotus everyday. Which is great, I love the Elise.

      Lotus, just as Jaguar, has spent 30+ years earning a rep of having cars that were lovely to look at, often wonderful to drive, and beset with pathetic 1940's era electrical issues almost continuously. Mechanical issues, were also far too frequent and costly, for the type of cars these are supposed to be.

      BTW- My primary personal cars are both about 10 years old and German. V8's, twin-screws, and north of 500 at the rear wheels. Sorry to disappoint you. No KIA.
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      comentarios muy autoctonos...

      we are just talking about fragances...

      I don´t have a lotus, but I know one person who does...

      never complained... only because it isn´t a very practical car when you are in the biggest street in the world(insurgentes México city) for 2 hours.
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      Ahhhhhhh, the smell of burning fuel
      • 9 Years Ago
      gbh, have you ever actually owned a Lotus?
      I have had mine now for 18 months with exactly ZERO problems.

      Get back in your Kia and keep your mouth shut unless you really know what you are talking about.
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      You will meet a beautiful woman wearing this fragrance. She will be witty, charming, intelligent, well-read. Your first date will be a sensual overload of conversation, food, followed by a night of unbridled passion.

      You will awake in the morning to find her gone, just like all your credit cards. You will find a used syringe in your bathroom. Later that day, the police will inform you that this is her modus operandi. They will also advise that you go get tested...

      Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious

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