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There are a few power-addicted types on Autoblog's staff that aren't impressed with the stock Pontiac Solstice's output, and apparently the guys over at Hot Rod magazine feel the same way. Bless their hearts, they decided to stop complaining and do something about it-- by shoehorning in the ferocious 505 HP LS7 from the Corvette Z06.

The cool thing about this build-up isn't that it involves sticking far more motor into the car than was ever intended (although that has a beauty all its own). Instead of just doing one of those "look at the cool car we built that you'll never own" articles, Hot Rod is basically publishing a DIY manual for those interested in building a modern-day Shelby Cobra. So far, there appears to be a few areas that would present a challenge to most gearheads - custom headers definitely being one of them - but a surprising number of the components come straight from the GM parts bin, and we suspect that the aftermarket may step up to cover any remaining gaps. Forego the pricey LS7 in favor of a junkyard GenIII from a pickup truck, scrounge up the rest of the parts on eBay, spend some nights out in the garage with a TIG welder, and this swap starts to look downright affordable.

[Source: Hot Rod]

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      We're quite aware of the Mallett and have blogged on it several times.

      A aluminum GenIII/IV long-block assembly (i.e. motor without accessories) is about 400lbs. That's, oh, maybe 200 lbs more than the naturally-aspirated Ecotec (the turbo Ecotec is about 25-30lb more, judging by the Sky and Sky RL specs). I wouldn't expect this to "destroy" the balance of the vehicle, even if an iron-block motor from a truck were used (there's supposedly a 92lb difference).

      I suggested the truck motor as it could be significantly cheaper than an LS1 from a F-body or Vette. Junkyards aren't yet overflowing with them, but with about 10 million trucks built with the GenIII, they're not exactly rare.

      The bottom line is that, pound for pound, there are very few engines out there that will make more power than an LS7 - and far fewer yet that are available to the public over a dealer's parts counter. It's also highly likely that a V8 swap into a Solstice or Sky will result in a curb weight that's very similar to that of the Vette, and that would be a legitimate reason to attack this swap.
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      They're not the first to try this with a solstice. There are a couple of these at the GM tech center, and Mallett has pricing available for multiple large V8's in a Solstice...

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      Now we're talking!
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      LS7 would get better gas mileage than a 500HP Ecotec. Not only that but I bet the LS7 isnt even much heavier than the Ecotec.
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      I wouldn't use a pickup truck engine -- the older ones (and even some of the newer ones if I'm not mistaken) are iron block which would destroy the weight balance
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      #8 your right the z06 corvrte make 28 highoway and 21 city
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      eso, even with an aluminum block I'm wondering what the weight balance will be.

      In my opinion I think it would be cheaper and more effective to get the Solstice GXP and just increase the boost. The Ecotec engine can easily handle 500hp with mods that GM has documented. You'd get better mpg and have a much better weight balance.

      The Mallett packages are very cool but the cheapest one is $20k. I'm guessing you could get to 500hp with a GXP for about $10k or less (however, who knows how much GXP will cost...).