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The New York Times reports that California, New York and eight other states plan to file a suit to force the Bush administration to impose tougher CAFE rules on SUVs, trucks and minivans. The suit claims the federal government's analysis of the environmental impact of the new fuel economy regulations was not sufficiently rigorous. The states also assert that the government did not take into account the impact of gasoline consumption on climate change when formulating the new CAFE standards.

Meanwhile, President Bush is pushing a proposal to raise U.S. fuel economy standards, in a bid to address widespread consumer concern about rising fuel prices.

[Source: New York Times - registration required]

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      • 9 Years Ago

      Quit being narrow minded overall your state is BLUE.

      Of course if you PICK IT APART, there will be farily large pockets of RED, but in the end on a federal presidential level, it does not mean shit.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "Ryan, Can you explain how I'm being "narrow minded" by pointing out that my state is not "solid blue?" Can you furthermore prove that it is?"

      -At the state level your SOLID BLUE.

      "And what the hell's this Northern CA rules over SoCal BS??? "

      -The truth. This is where you get liberals, not from SO. CAL.

      Come federal elections, CA is ALWAYS SOLID BLUE, and that is what the rest of the country sees.

      "If we're so "solid blue" then explain why we've had SO MANY more Republican governors than Democratic ones???"

      -You forgot how virtually SOLID BLUE your state legislator is.

      • 9 Years Ago
      Sorry dude, but Ca would not at all be able to be self sufficient as a country, or in oil production.

      And the Ca laws, as AC points out, are absolutley nuts. We get screwed over every time our legislature goes into session. As beautiful as it is here, the politics are all wrong. You should really actually think before you say a bunch of stupid crap.

      Back to the subject, though, there is something to keep in mind.
      1) "The states also assert that the government did not take into account theimpact of gasoline consumption on climate change"

      Umm, 'global warming' and all that other crap is all resting on very shaky evidence. These evil SUVs are not changing the temperature at all. Did they have SUVs to help us out of the Ice Age? The earth changes orientation and the orbit slightly varies, at time drawing closer to the sun. To blame 'global warming' or climate changes on SUVs is asinine. Only the most ignorant sheep believe that.

      • 9 Years Ago
      California, especially San Francisco, is a great place to live. But it's run by Democrats.

      Yes, Arnold, "The Governator," is a moderate Republican and he's doing the best he can under the circumstances, but Democrats rule here and they suck.

      So long as Democrats are running things, California can expect to experience the effects of lousy economic policies including high taxes and a relentless slide toward Socialism.

      But the views, the weather, and the restaurants here are so nice;-).
      • 9 Years Ago
      #3 psych101 - CAFE is based on sales, not model offerings. That's why GM offered outrageously cheap deals on 4 cylinder S-10 pickups in the late 90's, (to improve the truck fleet average). This is the complaint manufacturers have against CAFE. They can make efficient vehicles, but if they don't sell, then the carmakers get in trouble.

      I think the only solution is sliding tax rebates depending on how much more efficient your vehicle is compared to the required average. If you're under, you pay extra tax. If you're over, you get money back. It shouldn't matter whether you drive a gas engined car, a hybrid, or a diesel.
      • 9 Years Ago

      Further proof that California is nuts.

      I love California, it's a beautiful place and I've met some real quality people who live there. But, the politicians from there, in an effort to win over their constituency tend to tick me off to no end, making the rest of the country pay for their insane policies and goofy environmental laws.

      If politicians from California feel that CAFE laws are too lax, then take it up with your state's representatives that are in Washington already. Give people financial incentives in your state to buy more fuel efficient cars. But don't sue the federal government, that's just silly.

      • 9 Years Ago

      Yeah, I know, when it comes to drilling for oil everyone here has the not-in-my-backyard ethos - it really has little to do with Garibaldis and more to do with "ruining my pristine view!" They are a costal reef fish, after all. Not something found swimming near the drilling platforms 5-10 miles off the coast.

      As I said, though, we need to stop focusing on oil and take the approach that it is going to run out immanently. We should pour our treasure into finding a sustainable alternative. Personally, I think hydrogen is the key. Yeah, detractors will say, "Where do you think we get hydrogen? From OIL!!!" And that's true. Right now it's the path of least resistance, but the goal should be to crack seawater, whether that takes nuclear-powered plants doesn't matter. I'd much rather be dealing with what to do with the waste than wasting our time trying to pursue a finite supply of fossil fuel from the Middle East. We'd be much better off if we didn't need them. Geopolitics would fundamentally change, that's for shit sure.
      • 9 Years Ago
      AC: No, we do not need them. We can feed ourselves, we can gas our own cars, we make some of the best wine in the world (certainly in the US), we have a net trade surplus. To say that we need them as much as they need us is BS. As to the trucks from Mexico, you can thank Federal policy for that one; that was not a CA state decision - it had more to do with NAFTA.

      Yeah, it sounds bat sh*t crazy, I know. Really, when I bring up the idea I'm half kidding, but the other half is starting to gain traction. Nothing drive me crazier than some Eastern transplant b@stard who comes out here and does nothing but bitch about *my* state. My reply is usually something like: "Then F*@KING LEAVE, and take somebody with you!"

      California w/o the rest = Higher standard of living
      The rest w/o California = screwed former superpower
      • 9 Years Ago
      I still haven't heard a good argument against increasing CAFE standards. In fact, every time CAFE standards have been addressed in Washington, the Big 3 whine and cry about how much money will have to be invested in research, how they probably won't be able to meet the requirements, how the price of cars will increase, how we'll all be driving death traps...

      Yet every time CAFE standards or emission standards are raised, the manufacturers find a way to cope... witness ULEV cars and cyllinder deactivation.

      The standards need to be increased. If anything, it will give the manufacturers a reason to innovate.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "Also, try surfing without a 6mm wetsuit anywhere in NoCal, we never have to use them in the summer :-)"

      So true, so true, honestly I do see your point. And don't get me wrong So Cal is has it's own version of natural beauty and this just as good in it's respects.

      I moved to Eureka California from Olympia Washington to go to school, one of the prettiest drives you will ever take between those two cities, but the beaches? Yeah never understood those No Cal surfers. Either way So Cal or No Cal, either are nicer looking than where I currently live (Las Vegas) UHHHH, jobs offers after school, although a good one I just don't like the landscape, reminds me of Mars.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Many stations ran dry in TX (of all places) because of the Church of Eco make a "oops" with MTBE? This is the same bunch that declared the diesel sacrilidge.

      Now grandstanders like Spitzer in NY pull this one of their butt.

      We get the government they deserve.

      • 9 Years Ago
      Ryan, Can you explain how I'm being "narrow minded" by pointing out that my state is not "solid blue?" Can you furthermore prove that it is? There's a lot more to politics than the ridiculously devisive circle jerk we engage in every four years. If we're so "solid blue" then explain why we've had SO MANY more Republican governors than Democratic ones???

      And what the hell's this Northern CA rules over SoCal BS??? By what measure "redneck density?"
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