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Mounting legal pressures or no, Hyundai is going forward with plans to build a $1.26 billion dollar plant in the Czech Republic. That’s according to Czech industry minister Milan Urban, who says the nation has received a confirmation letter from Hyundai officials stating that the automaker plans to honor its plans to build a factory in Nosovice. A contract is expected to be signed in mid-May.

The facility is expected to come on-line in 2008 and put out 300,000 vehicles per year.

[Source: AFP via Times of Oman; Hyundai]

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      You guys are a little off on the numbers there relating to output. IT'S 300,000! If the Czech plant did only put out 30,000, the Alabama plant would be a bargain with annual output of 300,000 and a $1.2 billion price tag.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Well, as an all-too-experienced former Hyundai owner, I can unfortunately vouch for the generally poor construction, performance and warranty support of Hyundai. Abysmal OEM tires which even if they didn't perform atrociously still needed to be replaced at 28K miles due to being completely worn (even with regular rotation and cautious driving)...much worse than advertised gas mileage...rusted-out brakes needing replacement at 28.5K miles (rotors, calipers, pads) which the warranty did NOT cover...and worst of all, airbags that didn't deploy in a 35mph direct frontal collision. Not surprisingly I won't buy another Korean vehicle...the worst I've ever owned in 20 years. Check out ConsumerAffairs.com for dozens of reports of Hyundai airbags & even seatbelts failing in accidents. And Hyundai brake and transmission problems are well known and documented as well. They may have improved and may look pretty, but they're still the worst I've ever driven.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Jeez dont turn this into a country bashing thread. Next thing you know somebody will say all kinds of negative shit about america and you'll get all defensive about it. Would make a dumb thread dumber.
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      Very good post Rastus. Stoneman needs to lay off the bong and get a real job.

      Hyundai's rapid growth and dominance in the automotive industry is inevitable. The auto market is shaped like a pyramid. Plenty of different car manufacturers now, but in the future only a handful of companies will be at the top of the pyramid. Hyundai will be one of them.
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      Take Toyota's bitch ass down ASAP, good work on the plant. Ever met a corporation without a scandal? They're officially all grown up now!

      Damn, that Sonota looks bad ass from that view. (and every other view, esp the rear with the dual exhaust.
      • 9 Years Ago
      World class? More like third world. Hyundai has to thank the explosive growth of developing countries that buy the lower priced cars. What will happen when the Chinese cars hit the world market?
      What are some significant designs, or innovative technologies they have come up with? When I can credit them with either, I can consider them "world class".
      April sales for Hyundai are actually flat, shored up only by the new Sonata. Otherwise, their other models have shown a decline.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I just took a look back at other articles referring Hyundai and Kia and it seems like Stoneman is always there, saying the exact same bullshit opinion with no evidence to back him up.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Hey Stoneman,

      You Canadians have been driving Hyundais a lot longer than us Americans. I recall up in Idaho I used to see them all the time, long before they ever even showed up in the States. The precursor to the Sonata, I forget the designation, ...I used to see it all the time with Canadian plates. It was an ugly POS to say the least, and inside it looked equally as trashy. But someone, SOMEONE (Canadians!!) were buying them and driving down across the border for some reason or another.

      But don't tell me they havn't done one hell of a job of turning that around...because they sure as hell have. You are an absolute troll if you can't admit the truth. I'm thinking of replacing my *POS GM TRUCK* for an American-made Sonata myself. For me, the difference is night and day. My GM isn't even worth a GD thing in trade in, no matter how f'n beautifully I maintain it.

      I don't care WHAT nationality a car maker is, so long as their product is world-class. Hyundai most assuredly is world-class, and will only continue to grow.

      Take a look at April's sales figures and tell yourself they "suck". But then again, Canadians are renowned for their worldly tastes and French culture, right?

      But then again, when any yokel from a frozen seal-slaughtering nation can pipe up online with Autoblog and say something "sucks"...that's a sure sign that Hyundai is indeed doing something right, because in your smoke-shack, with all your goat and salmon and pig hanging from the ceiling rafters ..you and your computer knows something about Hyundai...which is wonderful.

      Ted Kazinski would be proud of you for being able to live in a wooden shack and still learn about worldly events :)

      Go Hyundai...we NEED you. More competition to slaughter GM. Maybe we'll see GM hanging from the wood rafters being gutted and smoked for the eating.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Yea, I dont know what I was searching for now but....
      Some people are just made for Hyundai and others are not. If all you care about is a low price tag, huge warranty, go Hyundai. If you think that sounds stupid by an American car. Else buy a Honda, better yet an Acura.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Stoneman, you're oozing bias. But then again, if you don't care about Hyundai/Kia then what are you doing commenting in this topic. Not to mention that your comment has no grounds or any relevance to the topic.

      Those of us interested in this topic don't care about your narrow-minded opinion, ok? Thanks