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Honda is moving Acura along the socio-economic ladder, and unfortunately for RSX buffs, the brand is quashing its relatively inexpensive coupe its way upmarket. By the end of the 2006 model year, the RSX will have ridden off into the sunt. The move is rather predictable, given that not only is parent Honda keen on moving the brand to a higher rung, the redesigned Civic Si outpoints the base RSX (197 horsepower versus 155)  for a c-note less. So... will something come along to fill out Acura's low end? The automaker won't elaborate, but dealers say that a coupe and/or convertible TSX could be in the cards.

The cancellation is somewhat reminiscent of when Toyota's upstart Scion outlet began selling the tC coupe, which outpointed the aging Celica in many areas for significantly less money.

[Source: AutoWeek]


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      • 9 Years Ago
      Well, as a former Civic Si owner the Honda fanboy in me is kinda happy about this. In reality the new Civic Si *is* the new Integra (in Japan the RSX continued to exist as the Honda Integra). It would have made no sense to keep making the older model of the same car once you came out with a new one.

      The Civic Type-R on the other hand, had been a hatchback in Japan but obviously the Civic Si hatchback bombed out in the USA (although I really think the fact that they didn't give it the horsepower and LSD of the new Si was as much a problem as the styling...I actually liked the styling-well I owned the car lol).

      So whether or not Acura was moving their brand upmarket, it makes no sense to continue producing the last gen Integra when the new Integra is out.

      I'm surprised some of you actually care so much about the stupid Acura logo on the RSX that you'd dismiss the Si just because it lacks it. It has the same K20 engine for one thing-and I'm fairly certain that Honda was just doctoring the horsepower numbers on the Acura RSX to keep it sellable-they pulled similar stuff last time around with the RSX and Civic Si (so the Si would have slightly higher horsepower than the base RSX but the RSX had more torque, and the Type-S had more of both). Sometimes the mechanical differences came down to a 2mm-4mm wider bored intake path on the identical component.

      What I'm really happy about though, is that the Type-S will now go the way of the dodo...seeing as how the Si now has the LSD that the Type-R has always had it might soon be time for the Type-R moniker to make it's way back stateside...maybe an even higher redline, an engine that breathes a little better, and a couple of other hardcore niceties will make it into a Civic.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Sorry, no, no VW product has ever been or will ever be a viable alternative to a Honda product.

      Quality and reliability from first to worst. Wow.

      How do you even consider making a jump like that?
      • 9 Years Ago
      I think it's called a VW GTI; for someone looking for performance, hatchback versatility, a good looking interior, and good mpg, I say that's the alternative. Moreover, the soon to be released MazdaSpeed 3 meets many of those same criteria, though probably more skewed towards the performance end of the spectrum.
      That said, it's a shame there aren't more choices in this space.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Sorry to hear about the RSX, but it was highly predictable. I just hope the Autoweek speculation of a TSX coupe (or hardtop convertible) comes about. The TSX is already a great looking, fun to drive, and very comfortable car... a coupe would be the icing on the cake!

      Bring it on Acura!
      • 9 Years Ago
      As a former owner of a 1994 Integra GSR and current owner of a 2002 RSX-s, it is very sad to see the RSX slip away. I can't believe that Acura can't find a place in the line up for this car. Despite its faults there is no current car I would rather have. A Tiburon? An Eclipse?? A tC? A Cobalt? Not a chance. I have never kept a car more than 5 years, I guess there is a first time for everything.....

      Things I like:

      1. The K20 engine: 200hp, 8000rpm, redline, good power everywhere,sounds great, good on gas
      2. The size - fits 4 comfortably, good cargo room, easy to maneuver
      3. Style - looks great still
      4. the cupholders - fit anything, easy to hideaway,

      Things I don't like:

      1. the cheap interior, hard plastic on the doors, too many different types of plastic
      2. the door panels move when the windows go down
      3. Blindspots caused by the C-pillars
      4. The seat - never get totally comfortable
      5. rear suspension - hates speed bumps, it rides up over them then crashes down - everything in the trunk jumps
      6. turning circle - too big!

      I know that's more bad than good, but somehow it all comes together in a great package. I can't imagine driving the competition or an Si or another Acura for that matter......

      RIP RSX..............depressed now
      • 9 Years Ago
      Re #6,
      The only Acura models STILL built in Japan are the RL and the TSX, though I believe some European market TSXs are built in Europe. The new CR-V clone that Acura will sell beginning in '07 will NOT be Japanese built, I can't remember if it's Canadian or U.S. built.
      So, will the RSX continue in other markets? Probably in Japan, maybe in Europe but maybe not as the lower numbers may make it economically unviable.
      • 9 Years Ago
      What about JDM? Are they still keeping their Integra since there's no Acura to move upscale?
      • 9 Years Ago
      Maybe they'll slap the RDX's engine on one, add SH-AWD, and charge $30K for it. And what do we have? An Audi A3, or BMW 1-series fighter. Audi and BMW both think there is a market, and will likely be joined by others such as the Volvo C30 or Saab 9-1. With oil hitting >$3 gallon, it might get trendier to have something more compact with or without the added gas mileage. Besides, in other parts of the world, this could be large enough as a family car.
      • 9 Years Ago
      The tC is a boat compared to the Celica. A larger engine for less money, sure, but it doesn't feel much sportier than a Camry.

      The RSX is an odd mix--interior is probably too nice for the typical customer, yet the engine lacks midrange punch to compete in the mid-twenties.

      My page for the RSX, with links to a review and the most popular price comparisons: http://www.truedelta.com/models/RSX.php
      • 9 Years Ago
      Stop whining; this was an awesome car but there is no loss here. The Civic Si gives you the same powertrain, riding on a newer and slightly lighter platform, for $20,840 instead of $24,460. This was the smartest thing they've done since killing the Prelude -- another car whose performance the Civic Si matched (in that case, for nearly $8,000 less), even back in 1999.

      Step two: Kill the TSX and replace it with a real car -- say, on a stretched S2000 platform.

      Then maybe they won't have any more prestige boat anchors dragging the brand down, and might be able to sell a few RLs.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Had a TSX coupe been available, with LSD, I would've been interested in replacing my RSX Type-S with that instead of the used 6MT TL I ended up getting.

      It's a damn shame Acura is killing the RSX instead of improving it and making it obviously better than the Si.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Oh and on a side note, anybody who thinks that the RSX shifts better is hallucinating because guess what-since the Si and RSX are BOTH FRIGGIN' INTEGRAS they use the SAME FRIGGIN TRANSMISSION AND ENGINE.

      The only thing that really even set the last gen Si apart from an RSX in terms of how it drove (obviously the styling was far different) was that it had Electric Power Steering instead of hydraulic pump based steering, and had the shifter mounted rally-style on the dashboard (which I actually like a lot). But linked to the shifter was...the exact same transmission you'd find in an Acura RSX.

      Now the Civic Si uses the same friggin' six speed transmission as the RSX Type-S so if you think the shift feel is better on the RSX you're out of your mind. If anything the Civic Si, being the newer version of the RSX, is a much better car to drive in if you're serious about driving, just the LSD makes it MUCH better.
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