• Apr 30th 2006 at 11:56AM
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Every driver  is feeling the pinch at the pump these days, but the skyrocketing cost of gasoline is affecting more than just your commuting habits. Ordering out for pizza? You might want to reconsider the pepperoni. Having flowers delivered to your sweetie? Might want to switch the roses for carnations. Need a landscaper? Take a look in the mirror-- because the rise in oil prices is leading service-based businesses of all stripes to ratchet up their prices or lose revenue.

While many are resisting adding a dollar or two to the costs of their goods and services, if pump prices continue to trend upward as expected, fewer will be able to avoid passing the buck to consumers. For many, a slight surcharge to account for gas premiums won't curtail their spending habits, but for some, it may mean the difference between ordering-in or cooking at home. Regardless, it's another way in which the high cost of filling up is affecting local and national economies.

Have you noticed an increase in costs attributable to gasoline prices? Sound off in 'Comments.'

[Source: The Daily Breeze; SushiCam.com]

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      Rising gas prices hurt all aspects of the economy, that's for sure. Well, all except Exxon and Chevron profits which shoot through the roof, god bless 'em. I know that as my family spends more on gas that money has to come from somewhere and it comes from not eating out as much, not contributing as much to local charities, shopping at Goodwill instead of Walmart, or just putting off purchases longer if possible. There are a lot of people who don't have an extra $100 in their monthly budget to spend on gas so I can definitely see how this will start effecting the economy on a large scale.
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      #1. Oil from Anwar wouldn't help at all.

      There are two things that drive oil prices up. First one is growing demand coming from Asia. When demand grows and supply doesn't, prices go up. Always.

      Second reason is falling value of US dollar. Since 2001, US dollar has lost 60% of it's value! Since oil is traded only in dollars, foreign oil produrs had to raise prices or suffer heavy losses. Anyone who doesn't use US dollars (everyone but US) hasn't suffered much about rising prices since falling value of dollar has countered some of the sky rocking price of oil.
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      ClariOn-Negetive policies on suppling countries? Have you seen that these people want to cut off your empty head? Send 'em some cruse missles, and be done with it. The oil will be just fine as soon as the radiation dies down enough to drill.
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      Yea, I know there are a few lawn service companies around here who have raised prices...not much but its noticeable. I applied with one company and they rejected me cuz they couldnt afford to pay for anymore people. I would hate to own a company like that...

      Its surprising how much higher fuel prices affect other aspects of the economy. A friend of mine works at a pizza place and he says they have lost a significant amount of money the last month or so.

      But its weird, within the last three days, fuel prices have gone down 10-20 cents in some areas.