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Ford Motor Company, one of the main sponsors of "American Idol," told dealers yesterday that it is circulating a tape around various TV networks to bolster interest in a new reality TV series starring Ford and a yet-to-be-designed vehicle. The concept behind the series is that participants will work with Ford designers to develop their dream concept car.

Now all the automaker needs is a network to pick it up. Our bet is on A&E. If the Arts & Entertainment network will air this, then surely Ford has a future home on cable.

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      Haha that was a good episode HC...

      Anyways, I did a short internship with my uncle at Ford about three years ago (I worked on the Hybrid Escape program). He worked in the same building that housed the designer's offices. It was surprising seeing a lot of designs they came up with. Once in a while they would roll a clay model by. I remember seeing designs of the current Mustang and some of the Five Hundreed (they were even testing them on the test track).

      I think this would be a cool program to have. It would show how the process is done and how they come up with ideas. You all can laugh, but Ford does come up with many good designs. J. Mays isnt the only designer they have. And you also cant blame the current products solely on him. Product designs are also chosen by administration. There is also a thing called engineering, too. That affects designs also. J. Mays has had some hits on his hands, is just unfortunate that Ford had to screw some of them up.
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      Will it be called the Homer?
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      I think this is a really great idea. It would be neat to see how Ford (and other car companies) design their vehicles and how a vehicle goes through various stages of production(design, clay models, crash testing, how ideas are gathered etc). Hopefully a T.V. network will consider this idea because it should attract alot of viewers.
      I don't think it is fair to blame all of Ford's design failures all on J Mays. He has had some excellent designs (Ford Forty-Nine, Mustang, Thunderbird, Bronco, Farilane) and some bad ones (like every car company just look at Toyota). When you look at Fords Vehicle line up, their designs are MUCH better than Toyota (with the FJ Cruiser as an exception). The only reason people would buy a Toyota is definitely NOT for their styling. I don't think the Five Hundered/Freestyle is all that bad looking when you consider that it was designed to be a functional family sedan and functional crossover vehcile.
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      Bravo has had quite a bit of success with "Project Runway" (clothing designers) and "Top Chef" (self-explanatory). When you add in "American Idol" and the country singer version that's on the USA Network (?)...and "America's Next Top Model"... I think Ford might have a viable idea. I read that the WB/UPN/CW are going to be doing a show with the Go-Gos and Bangles creating for the next all-girl rock band. That being said, I don't see why this could catch an audience considering this country's love affair with the automobile.
      Tom Borrowman
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      Thank you. I've enojoyed your ads for the Fusiion and other Ford products during American Idol program. Make it creative, something we would want like either a dised/hybread combination. I used own a 1979 disel Rabbit that would get on a good trip as much as 58 mpg back then, why can't you do this NOW! Call me anytime. 760 320-4709. I currently own a Mercury Grand Marquis and just finished running the wheels off a 1989 Ranger driving it 15 years and 160,000 before there was nothing else to get out of it.