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The 2006 edition of the Land Rover G4 Challenge will kick off this weekend in Bangkok, Thailand. The 18 competitors, selected from more than 10,000 applicants from around the world, will drive, climb, kayak, abseil, bike and navigate over a 4,000 km route spanning four countries and two continents in 28 days.

As one might expect, off-road driving is the centerpiece of the competition, but the epic event requires much more than driving skill - testing the competitors' initiative, strategy, physical fitness, sporting skills and teamwork.

This year's running of the Challenge covers the jungles of Laos, urban challenges in Bangkok and Rio de Janeiro, and the mountains of Bolivia. For more background and updates during the event, check out the Land Rover G4 Challenge website.

[Source: Land Rover]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      As Land Rovers' habitat becomes more and more LA, London's Mayfair, NYC and Dubai, it is very good to see the company bring it all back to its roots - the off-roading 'go anywhere' spirit that all LRs today are capable of but few achieve.
      • 9 Years Ago
      This is hardly a recent phenomena, its been going for quite a few years as a Land Rover event, and prior to that was run as the Camel Trophy which were much more hardcore. Whilst certain Land Rover products have been aiming for the luxury market more recently, a core part of the development of all Land Rover products has always to be a competent off-roader.