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Audi's not resting on its laurels after the much-anticipated debut of its new TT coupe. A pair of new prototypes has been caught testing that show a future small SUV and the next A4 sports sedan. The small SUV will be called the Q5 and enter an increasingly crowded entry-level luxury market for softroaders that includes the BMW X3 and upcoming Lincoln MDX and Acura RDX. TCC nabbed a spy shot of a Q5 mule wearing outdated A4 sheetmetal being tested on the Ring in Germany.
The spyshot of the next A4 reveals that that Audi will resist the urge to increase the size of its next sport sedan and instead shrink it by between three to four inches. In our opinion that's great news, as the obesity of autos in the modern era is reaching epidemic proportions. Don't expect the A4's muscle to atrophy, however, as a range of four- and six-cylinder engines, as well as diesels, will still be available, including a rumored 500-hp powerplant to rival the next M3.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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      4. Why shrink the A4? they're going to venture down into A3 territory if they do that.
      Are the A4 and Passat still the same platform

      They are moving the engine back, closer to the cabin. THis allows them to shorten the front end over hang. Audi's have always had the engine as far front of the car as possible. It is now way going to enter the territory of the A3. The A3 is a luxury sport compact.
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      I think their information about the new is definately wrong. From what I have heard, the new A4/A5 will bring in a completely new platform, that will end up the basis for not only the A4/A5 but the A6/A7 all the way to the A8. I seriously doubt that the A4 will shrink with that new platform. In addition the engine will be furthe back and the front overhang shortened, as previewed on the Roadjet. I also believe that the diesign will change quite drastically, and will follow cues of the A6 and the Q7, a lot smoother. This so far is the best looking CGI image that I have see.
      However their Q5 CGI looks a lot more realistic. The new A4 should be really really good, as it is a complete rediesign. The current one is only a makeover. The A5 might be shown at Paris in the fall.
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      Why shrink the A4? they're going to venture down into A3 territory if they do that.
      Are the A4 and Passat still the same platform?
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      Those Autobild designs are magnificent! If that's what the A4 ends up looking like (I won't bet on it), I'll buy another one (my last was a 2001 1.8T Quattro).

      And to answer your question, CoffeeJedi, no, the Passat and A4 are no longer on the same platform. The Passat now uses a variation of the A platform (Golf, Jetta) and the B platform is exclusively Audi.

      Makes sense. Audi was always the one developing the B platform.