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Nissan North America has decided to cut production of the Nissan Titan, which is pushing a 100-day pileup and is down over 20,000 units and 1.7 percent as compared with last year. Nissan says it would like to lessen the supply to 75 days or less.

The problem is one often experienced by automakers these days -- General Motors and Ford are both cutting production in various areas, while DaimlerChrysler is giving dealers and consumers alike huge incentives to take some models in the DCX lineup.

[Source: TruckBlog]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      Monte is not a Ford employee. Monte uses both GM and Ford trucks for his business.

      There was a theory proposed that high gas prices were the main reason why Nissan trucks sales were tumbling (see Jeff Gilleran). It was also implied that the industry as a whole was suffering due to high gas prices and Nissan's tumble was no less grievous than Ford's, GM's, or Dodge's.

      I simply set out to correct this error and while doing so demonstrated that in the face of very high gas prices Ford was able to increase sales, contrary to the proposed theory.

      It was then suggested by multiple people that Ford's sales were actually down this year.

      This needed correction as well.

      So no, I'm not a Ford employee. And this article/post are about the tumble of Nissan's sales and theories as to why said tumble occured. Higher gas prices is a bad theory.

      The real reason may be that Titan is not as capable and strong as other competitors, who happen to offer better products at reasonable prices.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Because Grandad Bought a Ford let`s be fadish rebelious, giddy and buy a nissan instead. Then believe its a better truck because Nissan and CR told us so, Not!
      The new F150 is ulgy the Nissan ulgyer the new to be full size Tundra ulgyest.
      I have a Chevy but if someone said Ford was a better truck I wouldn`t disagree. If I had a choice I`d drive a Dodge.
      The Nissan may be a good truck but it looks ulgy and cheaply made. Just look at the interior a popular knock used for any domestic make. Just look at it CHEAP.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Fiction seems to be very popular on this blog.

      Woo said "Monte, Get your facts straight....Worse yet, sales this year through first quarter are down 10%."

      bernie said "2006 YTD through March down 9.5%"


      F-Series Sales (2006 - First Quarter)


      F-Series Sales (2005 - First Quarter)


      Gee...you both are liars.

      L3 - Your point doesn't have much force with me. If your dealership is so difficult to keep alive because Ford is shoving vehicles down your throat...oh well...if it's so tough then go tell the owner to shut down the dealership (better yet sell it)...HE WON'T!
      • 9 Years Ago
      #18 did it happen to be a Maytag?
      • 9 Years Ago
      First, the pickup market is squeezed as it is. You have two players who sell THE standards. The way it is, and has always been in this country, is either you drive Chevys or Fords. If you're a rebel, or a bad ass, you drive a Dodge. This market isn't going anywhere, it's not like family sedans that change every five years, these two players have been pretty much the only real contenders forever! Roll all the Titan, Tundra, and Ram sales together, and they still aren't even in the ball park of GM or Ford. This market is set in stone folks, sorry. Couple the lack of slack in the market with the fact that the Nissan has few options (no reg cab, no VQ, no long bed), it's not hard to see why.

      BTW, I love the Titan, I think it, like all full size trucks, is a good offering, and a best buy (considering the obscene rebates). It's just crazy to think that a company can just walk away with that large of a chunk of sales.

      Which is GREAT news for people like me (truck buyers who aren't brand loyal; that need a tool, not an 6k pound best friend). Toyota is looking to bring a nice, REAL full size truck to market, and they want to sell 400k of them. They won't, they'll end up rebating the things to ridiculous levels, and give people like me a good reason to buy one (they will be THE cheapest).
      • 9 Years Ago
      Monte... how about taking your Ford cheerleader routine over to some post that has something related to one of the only vehicles Ford has that's a bright spot.

      The Titan is an excellent truck, and unlike the Ridgeline and the current Tundra it's a REAL truck. Over time with some additional trim levels and engines it will catch on and show some decent sales.

      But for jagoffs like Monte, the sheep that blindly buy Ford because grandad did will always keep their sales well ahead.
      • 9 Years Ago
      GM cars AND TRUCKS are crap. For twelve months I owned the biggest piece of crap; a Mexican-made 2003 Z71 Suburban. In the twelve months I owned it I had to get two new fuel pumps within a month all before the first freakin payment, a new fuel guage, some service-bulletin requested alternator switch, front differential bearings and rear differential bearings a valve body assembly and finally a whole freakin transmission. How old was this beast? One year old. I finally traded this pride-of-GM, hyper-depreciating nightmare in on a Mississippi-made Nissan Armada. The only problem I've had with it is the brakes which they replaced with better ones and sucky mileage.

      I believe GM truck engines are just fine but I don't trust anything that they push down the road.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Competition is just stiff. And gas prices aren't helping. You also have newly improved midsize trucks (Tacoma, Frontier) snatching a few sales I'm sure. But my test drive of a Frontier left me pretty disappointed. I felt the interior materials were overly cheap and flimsy looking, the interior design was a little too far out for my tastes, and the truck just plain understeered like crazy. It really plowed in turns. It also wasn't easy to find one equipped like I would actually want to buy. Most were either strippers or heavily loaded with things that took the price out of my range. I didn't want $800 worth of bed accessories.

      If you're going to compete as the biggest truck, you should probably also have a heavy duty version available for heavy duty users. For light use many might prefer a smaller more manageable truck.
      • 9 Years Ago
      The titan has plenty of fans, I dont see the slow sales as a problem. The vehicle has NOT been perfect, but for such a new idea from nissan, the implementation has been great.

      They have also announced HD models and diesel models down the road, see: http://www.titantalk.com
      • 9 Years Ago
      F-150 sales:

      2004 - 939,000
      2005 - 901,000
      2006 YTD through March down 9.5%
      • 9 Years Ago
      #1, I guess you do really wonder why.

      Nissan came from out of nowhere with what is almost certainly the second best 1/2 ton truck on the market (after the 29 year best selling VEHICLE of any kind in America, the Ford F-Series.)

      Instead of making Toyota's not-quite-a-real-full-size truck mistake (Honda destined to repeat?), they studied the market and made a tough powerful truck that Car & Driver (paraphrased) "sports-car like."

      The problem with new car and truck sales right now is the Manufacturer manipulation of supply and demand, coupled with the yo-yo Plans, programs, and rebates.
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