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  • Apr 18th 2006 at 2:18PM
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Toyota has launched a new advertising campaign aimed at educating Americans about the company’s involvement in and importance to the U.S. economy. The billboards highlight such facts as 386,000 jobs have been created in this country by Toyota and the company’s invested $13 billion in the U.S. since it arrived over 35 years ago. The ads have been placed along highways in two dozen markets where Toyota operates factories or has supplier operations.

Reactions to the ads are obviously varied depending on who you ask. The general consumer these days who cares more about “Bang for the Buck” than “Buy American” is comfortable with the Japanese automaker’s increasing presence in the U.S. economy. Members of the UAW and other organized unions, however, whose domestic employers have been losing marketshare to Toyota at a rapid rate are not pleased. The linked NewsDay article points out that the UAW in particular has been weakened by the presence of Toyota’s and other foreign automakers’ nonunion operations.

[Source: NewsDay]

Note - No pics of the actual billboards were available, so we had some fun in Photoshop above.

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      • 9 Years Ago
      Id like to see them post these all over detroit and see if the locals there like it , seeing there only brave enough to post them to the people who are benifiting from toyota can see them !
      • 9 Years Ago
      Worst... Photoshop...

      • 9 Years Ago
      Mr. Patterson,

      I happen to be an American, living in the United States, who works for one of those Japanese companies that frequently supplies machinery for Japanese companies that have factories in the United States. It's not quite as black-and-white as you might think.

      The last time a major Japanese automaker placed an order for one of our machines, the basic machine did come from Japan. One of the accessories was an off-the-shelf component that we make in the United States, and another we import from Germany. We had to customize it to their specs, though. That work was done entirely in the United States and Canada, designing and building the parts to make it work with their application. The custom work was maybe 1/3 of the value of the equipment. We had an American firm certify it to pass environmental standards before installing it.

      Some of our other products are made at our facility in California. The components that we don't make ourselves come from all over - our Japanese-market equipment gets key parts from the United States just like some of the parts in our American-made equipment come from Japan. Many of our units are shipped as a package deal with American-made support equipment.

      And quite a few Japanese companies bring their suppliers with them. There's quite a number of Japanese suppliers that have set up shop in the United States to be closer to the plants they supply - or to supply American-owned companies.
      • 9 Years Ago

      Your uneducated comments are ludicrous

      It is very rare that a Japanese vehicle that is assembled in the states uses parts solely from Japan. I can name hundreds of domestic supplies that provide parts for Japanese vehicles built both in the States and abroad.
      Next time, research the facts before making farcical claims regarding Japanese vehicles.

      • 9 Years Ago
      If Leo thinks that being a "Buy American First" proponent makes me a knuckle dragger, so be it. What the vast majority of Americans don't realize is that the Japanese have every intention of eliminating the American auto industry. The total value of American auto and their suppliers is in excess of one trillion US dollars per year. All of that money will go to enrich the new economic rulers from the Land of the Rising Sun and impoverish America. The only things that the japanese use is American labor. Their system of Keiretso means that when toyota builds an assembly plant in the United States of America, they bring their supplier companies along with them. All their raw materials and supplies come from japan. When they build an assembly plant everything except the concrete comes from japan. The engineering teams, the general contractor, all the machinery and tooling, the assembly line itself, everything from wiring the building to the furniture inside comes from japan. Nissan made a big deal that they added an engine plant in Smyrna, TN a few years back. It employs 600 people and does not use any American produced parts in the engine. EVERY PART IS IMPORTED FROM japan AND ASSEMBLED BY AMERICANS.
      For every person working at GM there are over 24 jobs created to support them. For the jap car plants there are less than half that many and most of those jobs are in the transportation of the raw components (imported from japan). I have no hope that the American people will realize that they are in an economic battle for survival.
      If you wanted to go to japan and start an auto company you would be forced to find a jap company to enter into a joint venture. If you wanted to buy into a japanese company, you would find that the law only allows 32% of a company to be owned by gaijin (outsiders).
      If you want to export a vehicle to japan, EACH vehicle is required to be inspected before sale. This inspection plus the tariffs and import duties add roughly $10,000 per vehicle. The cost of buying a new Harley-Davidson in japan is $38,000.00 for the same bike you would pay $23,000.00 for in America.
      But that's OK by all the bootlicking japanese apologists. They only want to bash the domestic auto industry and snipe at the UAW. Most of the people touting the supposed quality advantage can't even spell "Domestic Content". They are relegated to some low paying job in the outskirts of the American economic system and are merely jealous of people who have careers and aspirations in the American system. Anyone who would prefer to work as a stooge for the japanese colonial system should really think of the damage done to their country.
      For all the people who claim the japanese are here for our good, I have five words. Pearl Harbor, Bataan Death March. They are no more our friends today than they were on December 6, 1941. Of course, these days it is considered politically incorrect to mention these murders in public. Mention history in that context and you are considered racist and guilty of "japan bashing".
      • 9 Years Ago
      When foreign companies invest in the U.S. and employ local people, they're doing themselves AND US a favor.

      Ford and GM have been building cars in Europe for decades, so why can't overseas companies that make better products build them here?

      There were "voluntary" controls placed on Japanese car imports in the mid '80s to help GM and Ford. The unintended consequence of that was for Honda to create Acrua and Toyota to create Lexus so they could make higher profits from fewer, more luxurious cars. Ditto, Nissan/Infiniti.

      The ultimate solution was to make more Toyotas and Hondas, etc. with domestic content in American factories so they'd become American cars--foreign in name only.

      Toyota has every right to tout its contribution to the U.S. economy and the creation of U.S. jobs. If GM and Ford were slow to meet the competition and the unions were so greedy as to extract promises under strike threats, the problem rests with GM, Ford, and its unions, not with Toyota.

      Unless the UAW gives more relief, they'll kill the companies that give them a reason to exist in the first place.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I agree with #19
      • 9 Years Ago
      Buy American!!! That Jap Crap is way overrated. Parts are expensive (and yes they break too!!!). They ride like crap!! The seats are like a park bench covered in cloth. Seats are mounted too close to the floor. Body panels are extremely thin. I am not buying into the hype. Anybody that buys a prius should be deported. That is the most retarted looking thing I have ever seen. Noway I'm sitting on a bunch of batteries. Many Police/Fire depts wont touch them in the event of an accident for fear of being burned by acid or being shocked!!! Ford and GM have their problems but I will take one of these domestics anyday. Chrysler go go home to Germany as well!!
      • 9 Years Ago
      Great propaganda. No wonder they have to PAY for it (much like Toyota needs to PAY for its great car reviews these days -- they call them ads, but they look and feel like real reviews). If it is true, why do they have to PAY to tell people it -- if what they are saying is true, the US economy will pick up, the GDP will reflect Toyota's participation in the US (it is finally beginning to actually be measurable).

      Low skill, terrible pay and benefits compared to the millions of jobs the US is loosing (sorry, trading in). But go ahead. Keep buying from overseas companies -- Japans economy is FINALLY GROWING (after a 25 year lag). Toyota can say what they want; but you will see JAPAN do better, and better, and better, and the US will get lower and lower standard of living.

      Toyota and the Japanese government (the great partners they are) will thank you very much.

      If Toyota was a true domestic brand it would be great news -- but because, that program would benefit the US economy over the Japanese economy -- it will never ever happen.

      To be ironic -- normally this situation would be great for the consumer -- but Toyota demands such a premium for its Brand; they will just increase their profits (which, of course will largely go back to Japan).
      • 9 Years Ago
      Regardless of what anybody says on this blog, the proof is in the sales, and not a damn thing ANY of you say here will affect it.

      Have fun e-chest thumping!
      • 9 Years Ago

      When GM and Ford mention American made or anything like that they are beat black and blue for wrapping themselves in the flag. Dill sticks make it like it is so bad that GM and Ford have to do that (use the flag). Now Toyota is doing it and NO ONE is pissed. How f'ing, well, normal.

      The sickening part is that Toyota knows GM has contributed more to America than Toyota by a landslide but GM would look bad to get into a pissing match of "you've given $13B since being here, well we have given $3Trillion or more into the economy since the early 1900's" because America is so full of Terrell Owens types that would make it like GM is bad for countering with facts. Such a joke.

      My guess is that in the year 1979 alone when GM was at it's height of employees (600K in the U.S. alone) that the salaries for that year had to be close to $13B (isn't 600K times 15K = $9Billion ?).

      • 9 Years Ago
      I'll bet not everyone at the UAW is up in arms about Toyota. Toyota's are listed in Cars and Trucks on the uaw website.

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