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"Like always, like never before."

Sibling site Adjab reports that Saturn will be taking a different tactic in marketing its new vehicles: the Aura, Outlook, and Sky. According to the linked article Brandweek, the marketing campaign will be promoting all the vehicles as a unit with the "Like...." tagline instead of, just the Sky roadster, for example. The advertising company that developed the campaign feels it better reflects Saturn's 'togetherness' philosophy.

Will it work? Certainly the division's products are becoming more compelling, but Saturn has clearly moved away from its brandspace as the egalitarian small car company 'with a heart of gold' into a world of 8-passenger crossovers and such. Critics argue that the brand's identity is becoming very muddy in its quest to enter other segments and find profitability, and that the "Like..." campaign is a tad disingenous. Who's right? Have your say in comments.

[Sources: Adjab, Brandweek]

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      Nate, right on. I'm a little concerned that Saturn has decided to position itself upmarket; I see the upmarket side of family sedans covered by Pontiac's sportiness or Buick's luxury. (I say that last one reluctantly; Buick will get the axe sooner or later, in my humble opinion.) It'd be better for Saturn to, as people said, stay friendly, but take on Toyota's products head-on (wasn't that their original raison d'괲e?) at a lower price.
      • 9 Years Ago
      The thing that everyone misses about Saturn and what the brand represents is the dealer experience. For many, that's the main reason they buy their cars. A lot of people put a high value on not having to work their way through the tricks of buying a car through a traditional dealer, whether Toyota or VW or Ford or Chevrolet. That brand trait has helped them sell a fair number of mediocre cars and will probably sell a ton of the new models.
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      You know, this sounds pretty similar to Nissan's "Shift" slogan, and it did wonders for them.
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      "Buzzy engines, flimsy Mattel-grade plastics and the cheapest seat fabrics available anywhere... Like always."

      Catchy... I like it!
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      "Like always, like never before". I take it that they mean that the Saturn brand today is about the best of what folks have always liked about them, with some fresh new ideas and products to win you over again. It's not a bad tagline/slogan at all. Ah, that copywriting class has paid off!

      Of course, it'd work much better if Saturn were on the roll it was on during the late 1990s. The new stuff since the SL/SC cars were axed hasn't set the world on fire.

      The Ion isn't a player, and oddly looks up to its Chevy Cobalt cousin based upon the same platform. The Vue wasn't a bad sport-cute, but it's never stood out amongst the RAV-4, CRV, or even the Escape/Tribute duo. The marketing push and the revisions it's recently gotten should've came earlier.

      It's going to be difficult because neither the Aura, Outlook, or Sky are going to be the same 'approachable' vehicles as the Ion/Vue are supposed to be...these new vehix are undoubtedly going to be much pricier than what 'typical' Saturn customers are used to, but who knows, that may in fact be the point. I that all three are going to have a shot regardless.

      • 9 Years Ago
      tbyron, that's a good point. I had forgotten about all I've heard about the experience people have when they buy a Saturn.

      Wouldn't "like always, like never before" be a contradictory slogan?
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      Critics argue that the brand's identity is becoming very muddy in its quest to enter other segments and find profitability, and that the "Like..." campaign is a tad disingenous.

      If the critics are right Toyota would still be making one little cheap tinny sedan or out of business. Most critics are idiots with a pencil and too much time. Saturn will be fine and the critics will always be,....well, idiots... I mean critics.