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This large unibody SUV from Hyundai could be a replacement for the  Terracan sold elsewhere around the world or it could be a new CUV developed specifically with the North American market in mind. The Car Connection seems to believe the latter, and who are we to argue? Known internally as the “EN”, this Ford Explorer-sized utility vehicle would occupy the territory above the Sante Fe in Hyundai’s line-up. The two vehicles would share the same platform, except the EN would receive a stretched and widened version to go with its unique interior and exterior. Motivation will most likely come from Hyundai’s flagship 3.8L V6 being used in the Azera at the moment.

[Source: The Car Connection]

UPDATE: Corrected availability of Terracan - it's also sold in Europe, as well as Asia.

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      • 9 Years Ago
      Check out the last 100 stories on autoblog and tell me how many were EXCLUSIVELY about cars. You might be surprised that autoblog has a very hard time dedicating itself exclusively to autos and not allow the rest of life(which includes PERSONAL OPINIONS about even politics and religion) to creep in. When you figure out how to do that, I am sure you will be living in a place you won't like all that much

      And Dan Rather resigned over that story about Bush not actually being in the 'Guard' because it was a lie, therefore since you didn't get that memo, your resignation from autoblog, and all future posts about GWB better be on my desk by lunchtime. I'll be sending a security guard to your office escort your from the premises.

      Also, the majority of people in the United States are Republican. Are you aware that the House, Senate and White House is controlled by Republicans. And I don't want to hear about 'the mess we are in' because Clinton was too busy with interns and the Chinese to deal with what Bush has had to deal with including 911. You friggin people don't know how to defend a nation. You just run it down. No solutions, just whining!
      • 9 Years Ago
      Yeah, I need one because I like them and since this is a free country with free enterprise, I'll buy one. It's not about need, it's about want. Since I worked to build my own company, I'll buy whatever the **** I want and you can buy what you want. You do your thing, I'll do mine. Works for me.
      • 9 Years Ago
      i was just on vacation in costa rica you can get it there. I actually rented one for 3 days its a pretty capable car.. i borrowed the turbo diesel model it was really slow but once you got the thing rolling it could hit 100km/h on pot hole ridden roads
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      Ahh, yes, another left-wing sheep who follows exactly what the nice men and women of ABC 7 tell them to do.

      "I do in fact strongly disagree with the USAs unjustifiable military engagements of nations and genocide of humanity abroad."

      Did you forget we are fighting a war which removed one of the worst violators of humanity. What about Hussein's mass graves, torture camps, dictatorship which set him up as a rich bastard and screwed his people over? He invaded Iran and Kuwait, and waged a 'genocide' against the Kurds. How many millions did he kill????? And when America has 2-3k civilian casualties they are committing a genocide? C'mon now, use your brain. We entered Iraq for the nuclear weapons which there is a HUGE chance he had and simply shipped to another terrorist-friendly country. It sure as heck isn't for popularity or gas prices, judging by the numbers.

      "Im proud to say I support the progressive side of the political spectrum."
      "Only 38% support Bush"

      What about Lincoln's war on slavery? Gee, that was important, now wasn't it. But his public appvl rating in office hovered between 16-28% _during the war_. The Civil War almost cost him his reelection. As a matter of fact, most of our greatest President's had low ratings whil in office that did not improve until long after their deaths. The converse is also true.

      Now, if you ask a soldier who has SERVED IN IRAQ(I have family in the services) they will tell you the media of this country sickens them and that the real scenes they see in Iraq are far different. The Iraqis are hugely grateful they can vote and do what they want and get a nice little thing us Americans have called Freedom. Because if they had talked badly about Hussein or how things were being run as your post criticized the President, they very well could have been KILLED for it.

      By the way, in recent years, virtually ALL 'liberal' 'progressive' 'democrat' or 'left-wing' policies have been counter-productive. Show me one that isn't.

      But as a nice sheltered sheep you wouldn't know any of this now would you?
      Glad to be of service in enlightening you to the world around you as it really exists.

      Have a nice night.
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      Lithous, get a hobby. Do you get paid by GM? I really wanna know, you have an unhealthy fixation on GM, does Rick Wagoner have a restraining order on you or something? STOP stealing his underwear!!!

      Seriously tho, when it comes to monster SUVs, Detroit is to blame. I can't fault them for building them, and I really don't care about all of the arguments for and against them, that would be beating a dead horse. My problem with Detroit is their Business as Usual attitude towards those things. Instead of using those SUVs for what they're good at (generating good profits) and revitalizing the rest of their product line with those profits, GM and Ford have basically said that the American car buyer isn't as important as the SUV buyer (Detroit can still manage to build class leading trucks, but what about the rest of us?). The fact of the matter is, Detroit has just placed too many stupid bets that have cost them. They thought that the passenger car market was not profittable, so they gave it up without a fight to companies that now sell passenger cars at nice margins. GM and Ford have fought most environmental R&D b/c they say it's not feasible or profittable. Well, some other companies look poised to sell more than a few of those cars at nice margins again. GM's SUVs are looking to be one of the dumbest gambles in history, and now that the SUV market isn't what it was, GM is in big trouble. Simple lack of foresight, and I think it's a shame.

      And BTW, I've always been of the opinion that the EV-1 was a great design, and one for the history books. But when I see a company build that (and obviously go further than they had to at the time), and then drop it simply because SUVs offered higher, faster, and more inexpensive to develop profits, it makes me sick. I hold no illusions about Toyota, but I do give them credit for their foresight, customer orientation, and excellent sense of business (because that's what hybrids are, a good business decision).

      So Lithous, one last question. Does the fact that Toyota ISN'T God's gift to the auto industry make GM any better? Not in my book, so if you wanna seriously make a point, do it, but just don't defend GM just to spite the Toyota/Honda lovers out there. Do something Un-American, Think.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Yeah, the Terracan is sold in Europe, too. Asia-only? Where did you hear that?
      • 9 Years Ago
      "It's funny, when someone wants to berate, say a Toyota, they compare it to a K-car. Why, yes, that's quite apt...to call something a K-car is to call it a POS.
      I agree with you Lithous, for once....the Chrysler K-cars, stretch K-cars, minivans, etc...every last one of them were utter sh*t."

      When Chrysler was American they had the poorest quality of any American company. So out of all the companies I'm glad Chrysler is not American now. Problem is that too many people act like they are American still and their cars still suck so that company still brings down American companies in the eyes of many.

      "And I'm glad to see you acknowledging the profitability aspect of a world-class automaker. You see, when you build quality vehicles which people demand, a funny thing happens...you generate profits!"

      Wait, didn't the K-Car generate enough profits such that Chrysler could pay back the gov't years in advance? There goes your theory about quality = profitability.

      "If the cars/trucks are getting bigger, maybe you ought to look at the Fat-assed Americans who demand them."

      No, but only the perfect Americans buy Toyota and Honda and yet their cars are getting bigger so there goes your theory there too. maybe someday I'll reach perfection enough to buy one of those perfect cars. Wait, I guess since I have had flaws that I shall forever be imperfect and undeserving of a Toyota. Oh, well.

      "Americans in general are the most over-consuming swine on this planet. Give the slobs what they want and they will line up at the troughs."

      Rastus, I'm convinced, you are either a Toyota exec or one in training. You have thoughts just like the superior Japanese. I guess Moving Forward is a reference to American's bellies?

      • 9 Years Ago
      This is the second vehicle of Hyundai's luxury trio(BH sedan, EN SUV, and unnamed RWD sports coupe) originally intended for a new luxury brand which is now scrapped.

      The current rumor in Korea is that Hyundai is brand-shopping, possibly Jaguar from Ford.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Asia only? My wife's grandparents rode all over Guatemala in one.
      • 9 Years Ago
      SaveGas, I bought my gas, truck and your rhetoric and your pseudo-moral sermons are futile. I really don't give a ****. You may have lots of time to sit around and think about these things, but I have a business to run and my Honda Pilot gets me there comfortably, somewhat efficiently (20mpg) and leaves space for me and my equipment. Pinheads like you work for people like me because I dont waste my time contemplating things I have no control over. And don't give me crap about my personal choices and their effect on the world. I personally choose not to care about energy issues because I know wackos like you care enough for both of us.

      PS: SaveGAs: Tomorrow, I am going 'floor' it just because I bought the friggin' gas with my money and I love feeling my 3.5 liter engine acclerate hard.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Very insightful of you, Koba, to know that I am white and attend klan meetings and see things only as black/white, us/them. Where did you get those ideas from? Moron...

      Lovely you think Bush is a liar, thief, traitor, warlord and coward. Give me some sort of facts to back up YOUR ramblings, Koba. If you noticed, I actually had them to back up my points. Any particular reason Bush should be shot? Or just for the heck of it?

      How is it that when you ramble, you see it as fine and normal, yet when I make a valid point its 'political bandstanding'? Why don't YOU try thinking, as you mentioned above.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Hey SaveGas...you're an idiot. Stop trying to indoctrinate others on an online forum. You seem like a typical whiny liberal who cheers every time a soldier dies because it justifies their beliefs and would like nothing better than to see the USA lose its preeminence in the world. If you don't like it, get the hell out and move to North Korea where everyone drives tiny little cars. I'm sure it's because they want to, too.
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