• Apr 7th 2006 at 7:04PM
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Technology is wonderful. Technology is also made or, in this case, programmed by people.
Drivers using GPS navigation in the English village of Crackpot (killer name for a town, BTW) are often being guided by such devices to the top of a 30-metre (over 98 feet) cliff. The directional glitch forces drivers of everything from cars to buses to big trucks to turn around perilously close to the cliff's edge. Predictably, though, sometimes the vehicle gets stuck. Says Carol Porter, who farms in Crackpot, "When they get grounded on the small boulders, we're having to go up there in the tractor and pull them out."

[Source: Cape Times]

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      thats the problem with the matrix...
      • 9 Years Ago
      That's only if you took the blue pill....

      So anyway, I want a hi-res pic of that for my desktop! :-)
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      The big issue is a lot of these maps from Google and such are not locally reviewed, they just use 'dumb' data for them.
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      There is no Matrix. It's all lies.
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      On trips where we're unfamilar with the route, we also take a regular map.