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You may remember a post awhile back on the NYPD agreeing to buy a fleet of 15 Chargers, five V6 models and ten with the HEMI V8, for a pilot program set to commence this summer. Well here are snaps of the first one outfitted for duty mere moments after the decals were applied.

Autoblog reader Max sent us a link to a forum titled NYPD Rant where a few photos of the car are being hosted. The forum’s audience is made up entirely of boys in blue, so it’s great fun to read their reactions to what may become the newest member of the force.

The real cops of NYC apparently don’t expect to see any Chargers on the street until their bosses are done driving them around town between photo-ops, and they worry about back-seat room in the Charger, as well as that sunroof under the light bar. Most officers, however, would forego the Charger if it meant an annual salary that’s larger than the cost of their cruiser.

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      "3. oh boo frickin hoo.. NYPD cops make way more than the cost of a Charger.. and thats the honest ones, not only the crooked ones that take kickbacks.

      Posted at 2:25PM on Mar 31st 2006 by required 0 stars"

      Uh the NYPD starts cops at $24k a year. ....you do the math.

      As for kickbacks-you'll find someone on the job in New York to be the most paranoid person you've ever met.

      Rent for a studio in Jamaica......$1100 a month.........
      Robby D
      • 9 Years Ago
      These poor cops are getting shot at and have to deal with the most vile scum in this country, and you dare talk crap about these guys that make less than a bus driver?? YOU SHOULD BE SHOT!!! If you only knew the politics these guys have to deal with and the scumbags superiors...you're no one unless you're a sarge on the job...and the conditions and precincts they throw their rookies in...You are clearly living a well sheltered life and dont know how much protection these poor guys provide for you...By the way jackass, its almost impossible to receive "kickbacks" like you said, as a cop. Too many crackdowns and investigations by Internal Affairs
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      "oh boo frickin hoo.. NYPD cops make way more than the cost of a Charger.. and thats the honest ones, not only the crooked ones that take kickbacks."

      You're clearly an idiot.....
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      that charger was a rental car that nypd got from enterprise rent a car, a suggestion was made to ray kelly (police commissioner) to purchase some chargers, so he asked to see one on the same day, so fleet services went to enterprise and rented one, threw decals on it and a roof rack without screwing it in and showed the commissioner....he stated buy 15 and they took all the decals off and brought it back to enterprise...hence the sunroof
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      7. "NYPD cops make way more than the cost of a Charger"

      Go a little farther east to Nassau County, and some cops earn more than the cost of an S-class or Quattroporte.

      ^^ He speaks the truth.
      • 8 Years Ago
      The charger doesnt have a soon roof that is not the police package, I dont know why the sent you that picture, that has big chrome rims, the police one has the little chrome things, or plastic hub cabs. Not those things. A soon roof isnt even an option on the police package. The police package doesnt have a chrome grille or fog lights. And who ever said New York cops make enough money, What are you talking about? This is from the NYPD website "Start receiving full pay and benefits from your first day of recruit training ($25,100 per annum). Upon the completion of the Police Academy (six months), your annual salary increases to $32,700" thats shitty money for some one who is chasing low lifes and gang bangers in some alley at 2 in the morning in the bronx. Also the cost of living in NYC is expensive, IDK why you think that is so much money.
        • 8 Years Ago
        Dodge Chargers- for NYPD ?
        With the city streets bogged down with traffic the last thing they need is a high powered intercepter instead of a hundred or so mounted cops.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I'm a sergeant in the nypd and work in queens. I love my cops and try my best to treat them the way they deserve to be treated. We don't need more speed on the roads. We need great officers. More money for the hard working cops, and less money for silly cars that will likely only result in accidents. No need for these silly cars.
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      "There are a lot of erroneous comments about the pay of NYPD officers. Yes, suburban officers tend to make more than NYPD, but look up what a NYPD officer with five and one-half years experience makes. How valuable is an inexperienced officer?"

      Wow, you actually think that 1) the top pay of a NYPD officer is somehow high, and that 2) the lack of experience of a new officer, one who gets shot at, garbage of an indescribeable nature thrown at, and wrestles with the scum of the earth (scum that wouldn't hesitate to injure you and steal ipod you enjoy so much) just like an experienced officer, doesn't deserve a living wage. Here's an idea, take your arrogant, flippant ass and stand on a street corner in the Bronx, Harlem, or Brooklyn in a city where you cannot even afford to move out of your parent's basement, let alone provide for your family's basic needs. And I'm talking about housing and food, let alone shoes and clothes. Without these officers, we'll see how long the streets of this city are even walkable by decent citizens (of which I assume you think you are one), when you are clamoring for police protection. Enjoy the sheltered existance that people like police officers provide for you. Lord knows you don't appreciate it.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "NYPD cops make way more than the cost of a Charger"

      Go a little farther east to Nassau County, and some cops earn more than the cost of an S-class or Quattroporte.
      • 9 Years Ago
      IMO, NYC cop cars have really corny, cheap-looking colors. A cop charger done up in traditional black and white would be quite intimidating.
      • 9 Years Ago
      That's pretty cool! One of the better looking cop cars since they retired the Mustangs.

      For those interested in all things Charger, check out http://www.chargerforums.com
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