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On Fox News, Steven Milloy writes about the backlash suffered by Ford CEO Bill Ford, Jr. at the hands of various environmental groups. The organisations have expressed their displeasure by pointing out that the Blue Oval still produces too much pollution from its manufacturing (“more heat-trapping pollution into our skies each year than the entire country of Mexico”); continues to produce gas-guzzling SUVs; and argues that the automaker opposes proposed California legislation requiring reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 2016. The ridicule climaxes adjacent to the pictured ad in the New York Times.
However, Milloy takes issue with the criticism, pointing to what he considers the fallacies of the groups' talking points. But he reserves the bulk of his ire for Ford himself, who he believes is too 'occupied' trying to appeal to the environmental groups, even when such overtures threaten the company's bottom line. For example, Milloy points out that according to the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, complying with the California law may reduce CO emissions by a 'minuscule' amount while raising vehicle costs by thousands of dollars.

Specific details can be found at the link. When you come back, fire off in Comments.

[Source: Fox News.com]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      #9: Applause.

      Nobody tosses around the word "socialism" as much as those who cannot define it correctly.
      • 9 Years Ago
      HJ and Mooseman, you guys aren't making any sense. How does demanding clean air, clean water, less dependence on hydrocarbon fuels equate to being "anti-populist" and "anti-american socialistic in nature"?

      Being "socialistic" is an economic point of view whereas having concerns with ones surroundings and energy policy of the country (being an environmentalist) is a politcal point of view and are not mutually exclusive. Therefore it is possible for an environmentalist to also be a capitalist contrary to HJ's opinion.

      American companies aren't the only ones being protested- a Google search on corpoate protests will show that. But it would make sense that American environmental groups would protest American companies more often since American companies are likely to affect our (America's) environment more often due to their locality.

      Contrary to the beliefs of some commenters, using ones first amendment right to protest and critisize those who directly affect ones standard of living does not make them "anti-populist", "socialist" or "anti-American".
      • 9 Years Ago
      I totally agree with you mooseman. I really want to know why these enviros aren't attacking bmw, benz, hyundai, nissan, and every other automaker who dosen't have a hybrid. Theres no arguing with enviros. They're anti-american socialistic in nature which is why they attack companies (and only american companies) instead of the market which is why all products exist in the first place. Ford isin't forcing people to buy SUV's Ford is making them because they market demands it. If they don't get one from ford they're going to go with GM, Toyota, Nissan, etc. The bottom line, FUCK ALL ENVIROS.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Better off green than dead? Some of these psycho "green" groups would prefer if we all rode bikes and hemp clothing. Look at ELF (Earth Liberation Front) which encourages the torching of SUV's, the dealerships that sell them, and the when they can find them the homes of the dealers or salespeople. Whats really funny about that is by burning the SUV it releases more crap in the air than 50 SUV's running the road for their entire useful life!! Enivromentalists are as bad as the people they object to because they ony tell there side of a story and use selective facts that only benefit them.
      • 9 Years Ago
      HJ and Mooseman - Speak only to which you have a clue.

      The Sierra Club, a very large and active environmental group is trying to help Ford market their hybrid mariner.


      P.S. Without the environmental movement encouraging business to do the right thing the planet would be in much worse shape than it already is.
      • 9 Years Ago
      He has a point. But, you have to understand that the attitude of many, and I'd argue a case could be made for most, of the folks in the community start out with an anti-populist anti-American mindset. This is the very reason Toyota gets a pass for introducing the largest light duty truck extant, the new Tundra.

      They haven't received the same backlash Ford gets for their truck line, even though it meets the same criteria for being un-"green" as Ford's line.

      It is simply politics played out in the marketplace.
      • 9 Years Ago
      anti-american socialistic...better green than dead!
      • 9 Years Ago
      Henry Ford II would have told them to strap a rocket to their ass and ride it to hell. Bill Ford Jr. tries too hard to make everybody happy. Pleasing the family lobby made the homosexual lobby angry. Then he sucked up to the homosexual lobby again. Now both are sore at him and vow never to buy Ford products. Then the tree-huggers got their shorts in a knot. He cant win.
      • 9 Years Ago
      If God hadn't forced Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden, the Sierra Club would have.

      Hybrids are not the end all be all of fuel consuption savings. A hybrid is a band aid that has been marketed as a miracle.

      Ford needs to run it's business like a figgin business. They have been in the press WAY too much lately for pandering to special interests (Gays, anti-gays, enviros, etc..)
      • 9 Years Ago
      A few observations:

      1. No matter how much is offered to ANY advocacy group, it's NEVER enough. They're like spoiled children who want everything their way and NOW. An advocacy group simply cannot be satisfied.

      2. With respect to Ford, their car offerings in the U.S. have been slim. Even with Ford's new Fusion/Milan/Zephyr cars, those are really only one car in different drag. Better to ignore those Fords and buy a Mazda 6 instead.

      3. Pandering is no substitue for product. Ford's lip service to hybrids, etc. means nothing. Ford is still a truck maker in a time when trucks are costly to gas up. Maybe housewives should have thought about the possibility of high gas prices before buying a 5000 pound vehicle to drive to Walmart.
      • 9 Years Ago
      if every greeney in the country bought a hybrid the problem would be solved BUT the problem is they want everyone else to buy the hybrid not them.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Green freaks will never be happy until cars run on clean water, hugs, and smiles.