• Mar 26th 2006 at 8:04PM
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The province of Ontario, Canada, has enacted a new policy affording double tax-rebates for hybrid vehicles, effective last Friday. Previously, the rebate was up to $1,000... now it is $2,000 maximum.
The main reason for the increase is the province's desire to maintain its leadership role in the automotive industry in Canada. Hybrids are considered 'leading-edge' technology, and Ontario hopes the new rebate will encourage automakers to continue developing the technology.

A representative of Ford Motor Co. acknowledged the intent: "British Columbia and Prince Edward Island also support the purchase of this leading-edge technology. Ford of Canada is encouraging other provinces and the federal government to follow suit, so that all Canadians will have similar hybrid consumer incentives."

[Source: CANOE]

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      Don't worry...the needs and demands of the state are limitless...you working contributors, you (and me too!).

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      There are still plenty of taxes resulting in an Ontario Toyota Prius listing for $37,413, including freight and taxes.
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      There needs to be alot more of a motivation for me to buy a hybrid than 2 grand of tax rebates on what averages out as a 40 grand car.

      For example, if you buy a vespa in toronto (and probably have no ego) you get free parking and free gas for a year. Free parking alone like cities such as LA would probably motivate me to buy a hybrid but with all the parking meaters gone and the city taking over parking costs on all streets to the tune of a buck a half hour, i doubt we'll see that anytime soon.