• Mar 24th 2006 at 3:04PM
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Toyota Motor announced Thursday that the second limited-edition Scion for 2006 will debut at the New York International Auto Show, ahead of its launch in mid-April.

The tC Release Series 2.0 (tC R.S. 2.0) gets the Blue Blitz Mica signature color, a stainless steel mesh grille treatment, and satin-finish 17-inch alloy wheels. Side airbags and front/rear side curtain airbags are included in the package.

Interior 2.0 gets front and rear seats trimmed in black Alcantara and a Pioneer Premium AM/FM/CD audio system with an iPod hookup and color-changing LED display. Scion adds a 35-watt subwoofer and XM Satellite Radio to the entertainment mix.

Only 2,600 of the tC 2.0 will be sold. MSRP is set at $18,260.

[Source: Toyota via AutoSpectator.com]

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      • 9 Years Ago

      Zebra to: Zebra with lost stripes


      Volvo to: Scion Tc
      • 9 Years Ago
      No sid give me a break

      Are your serious your comparing a tC to a cobalt SS, first off a tC looks a lot better then the SS which is nothing more than a Cavalier with a huge wing. As for performance wise the SS does out perform the tC but get the trd supercharger and it will be a different story. Also I've seen an ss inperson with upgraded supercharger pulley and exhaust and was still getting killed by stock rsx types s at the track.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Craig, the Cobalt is a very different vehicle built on an entirely different platform than the Cavalier. And every test I've seen between a S/C Cobalt and RSX-s (not at a track with amateur drivers, but done by a real automotive testing facility) shows the Cobalt SS as being faster (and less expensive, to boot!).

      Robert, welcome to Toyota. They have a long tradition of blaming their car's problems on the driver. To see what you have to look forward to, do an google search for "Toyota oil sludge"...
      • 9 Years Ago
      I've had my tC for about 7 months now and I haven't experienced any problems and I mash on it every chance i get! For those that think that GM products even compare to any of toyota's products... answer me this? Why is GM close to going bankrupt? I rest my case!!
      • 9 Years Ago
      I just picked one up on Tuesday (Series 2.0) and at first I didn't like the color. But after looking at it a bit closer, and seeing all the accessories it came with, I was sold on it. Originally I was going to buy a civic, then saw the TC. I have to admit, I get alot of looks on the road. And it's good to know I have one of only 2600 made. Should be good for my resale value. : )
      • 9 Years Ago
      I own a 2006 tC. Despite what I've read, this car is great. 8k miles and not one complaint. I upgraded to the supercharger and added a 9lb pulley. Everything else is stock. On the dyno I pulled 226whp/191 tq. at 6300rpm. All that for about 20k. The Civic and Cobalt just feel cheap in my opinion. I'm extremely satisfied with my car.

      As far as this new release series, I'm just not impressed. There just isn't a whole lot they added to it to make me want to get it, but again, that's my opinion.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Is this the Scion everyone`s bragging about?
      I`ve seen the xb I know that can`t be it.
      Anything Mazda makes looks way better than this.
      Honda Civic has nothing to worry about.
      I wouldn`t dare talk about GM!
      Oh what the hell, the Cobalt is nicer.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Good looking is more like a Mazda 3.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "best looking cars on the road"

      I wonder if I might need a new pair of glasses or contact lenses soon? I compared with some pics of the Aussie Holden Monaro aka Pontiac GTO and it looks like a shrunken Monaro. Then it seems to miss something, maybe some Italian styling touch from Pininfarina or Ital Design
      • 9 Years Ago
      #2. Don't foget the alpha and beta releases, SP1, 2..., and Scion tC Release Series Vista which will be delayed due to security concerns. Can you imagine saying you only have 2.0 3 years from now, when everyone else will be driving XP.

      Despite the ridiculous name, being only $1,960 over the base price is a pretty sweet deal.
      • 9 Years Ago
      For all of you looking at the TC...I own one and have since 07/24/04. I can't tell you how many problems I have had with this car and how many times it has been in the shop. I just had to have the clutch replaced 2 weeks ago and already it has to go back in for another one. Now I will say that is was produced within the first 6 months of production but still this is horrible. My car has been pieced back together again and do you think Toyota Motor Corporation will do anything about it, NOPE! I was even involved in a accident due to the mechanics on this car, even though there was no body damage Toyota told me that I would be without my car for up to 90 days and told me when I asked them "what am I suppose to do without my car" they responded by telling me "That is not our problem".
      I had to take care of it myself, was without my car for 6 weeks and it ended up costing me about $3800. The thing that kills me is I really do love the car, I just wish I got the privilage of owning one that I didn't have to worry weather or not I was going to make it to my next destination.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I actually work for GM. Even though we get a fat discount, I would never buy a GM vehicle or recommend one to a friend. (Ok OK, maybe a cadilac).
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