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Maybe the little warning label on the bottle warning people not to drive while impaired isn't big enough, but it appears that the drug Ambien is responsible for a growing number of traffic accidents. Some drivers have even gone so far as to state that they were "sleep-driving," unaware of anything after they took the drug, including their arresting officers.

The problem? One defense lawyer quoted by The New York Times says, "Doctors are handing out these drugs like Pez." More likely, however, the drug is just not being taken as directed -- many of the accidents were caused by taking too much of the drug, or mixing it with alcohol or other prescription drugs like antidepressants.

Regardless of the reason behind the traffic accidents, one thing is certain. Don't Ambien and drive.

[Source: The New York Times]



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      guyincognito, your friend needs to stop taking Ambien immediately go see the doctor. Amnesia with this medication is not unheard of, but if it is on a regular basis, then she might be suffering some neurologic damage. She needs to seek help immediately.
      • 9 Years Ago
      all of the designers and engineers at gm must be on this stuff from the looks of the new models
      • 9 Years Ago
      "...........ever heard of a Non sequitur?

      And anyone who takes this drug and drives is under the same laws as anyone who takes Xanax and drives, mainly it is a DUI."
      What kind of drug is a non sequitur?
      Is it taken before or after meals?
      • 9 Years Ago
      I actually know someone who took ambien, went to bed, and then woke up several hours later in the drivers seat of her car parked in the lot of a grocery store several miles from where she lives. My sister also had a roommate in college that took ambien. It usually made her unconcious but not fall asleep. She would spend all night baking, cleaning and organizing but have no recollection of any of it in the morning. She once almost burned down the apartment after starting to bake a cake and then passing out.
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      Yeah, and I am going to believe anything the New York Slimes writes.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Well guyincognito - I'd recommend that you check your friend into a psychiatric ward b/c taking Ambien is the last of her problems. PSYCHO!
      • 9 Years Ago
      Ambien is some powerful sh@t. The thing that will really anger me is when some ambien-fogged driver runs over and kills someone, the courts will plea it out as some lame Man-3 charge with community service and no jail time, when the violation is no different or less reprehensible as someone who drinks (or tokes) and drives.
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      Use the WHITE pill not the pink one... And should you take a bite from the right side of the mushroom or from the left side? Alice doesn't live here anymore so I can't ask her.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I love it. Paul once again comes in to save the day and make a comment about GM.

      Hey Paul, ever heard of a Non sequitur?

      And anyone who takes this drug and drives is under the same laws as anyone who takes Xanax and drives, mainly it is a DUI.