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Our friends over at eMercedesBenz noticed that the Mercedes Benz GL class has officially gone on sale in Europe, which gives our European brethren a chance to partake in a slice of the “American mega-SUV pie”.
The GL class will top out with the GL 500 that goes for €74,050 before taxes ($87,986 US), but we’re guessing most Europeans will pass on the petrol and go for either the GL 320 CDI and GL 420 CDI.

The 320 CDI boasts DaimlerChrysler’s new BlueTec V6 that generates 220 hp and 376 ft-lbs. of torque while sipping diesel at the rate of about 24 mpg. Back here at home we’re still waiting to find out whether GM’s Tahoe Hybrid can top that, but until then the MB GL 320 CDI will be the big ute to beat when it comes to fuel efficiency.

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      The last G-Wagen was much more imposing. This G-Class looks like a boxier ML-Class - every bit as formulaic and uninvolving. Still, it probably does everything better than the old G-Wagen did.

      • 9 Years Ago
      afaik, this is not replacing the gelandewagen.

      It was originally intended to, but Mercedes is continuing production of the old G.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Wow, from that angle it looks like a Grand Cherokee.
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      The Mercedes GL is not replacing the G500:
      "The brand wants to cash in on this by creating a new top-of-the-line vehicle, not necessarily to replace the vastly hand-built G-Class, but at least something that is sleeker, more stylish, and ultimately a better representation of Benz in the 21st century than the current heavy-weight brick, that hasn't merely endured the winds of change but rather blasted right through them, which will continue to be sold alongside it.
      The GL-Class will take top honours on the Mercedes-Benz SUV food chain, although the boxy G-Class will still be produced"..... "To avoid the risk of offending G-Wagen fanatics and worse yet, confusing an already overwhelmed luxury SUV buyer, it will be called the GL-Class." http://bcautocentral.com/article.cgi?id=2461
      Come on man, if your going to post something, at least be on top of your information. Sheesh.
      Oh, and to compare the G-wagen to the GL class is like comparing a Land Rover Defender to a Range Rover. Nice try.