• Feb 17th 2006 at 9:00AM
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Do we really need an excuse to do a post on the Camaro Concept? Fortunately Inside Line has provided us one by revealing some new nuggets of credible info on the Bowtie’s upcoming pony car revival. It’s being reported the car is “extremely close” to being green lighted by GM management. The bad news is that we’re still looking at a model year 2010 introduction, which means it won’t hit the streets until 2009.

News is coming from suppliers that are being prepped for the Camaro’s possible production, and they’re expecting a three-engine lineup. The base motor will reportedly be the corporate 3.9L V6 and there will possibly be an optional 5.3L V8, as well. Both engines would also be offered in the Impala and a pair of proposed rear-wheel drive sedans for Buick and Pontiac. All of the vehicles would also share a six-speed slush box. The top powerplant is likely to be a 6.0L small-block V8, probably the 400-hp LS2 found in the base Corvette.

The real question is whether or not anyone will care about the Camaro after waiting another three and half years for its return.

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      • 9 Years Ago
      2010 model year? HAHAHAHAHAHA. I thought spring 08 release date, absolute latest!!!! HAHAH. Nice work General Malfuntion. Congratulations on not having a volume/entry level performance car for almost the entire first decade of the 2000s. Note: 2004 and 2005 mustangs were sold concurruently on lots.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "The real question is whether or not anyone will care about the Camaro after waiting another three and half years for its return."

      The real question is whether or not anyone will realize that AutoBlog and Edmund's Insider Line are using invalid rumors that were discredited right after Edmund's published it. If you want to get TRUE information, go to a credible forum like mentioned in comment #3. Monthly magazines are MONTHS behind on rumors, and apparently this site is behind on their rumors also. ;)
      • 9 Years Ago
      The Saab 9-3 would make a splendid platform for the new Camaro. It would save GM a bunch of money too. Heck, painted white with orange stripes the 9-3 would look just like a 1970 RS/RT Camaro - if you squinted.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Too late. GM is paralyzed by whatever...bean counters, too many committees, too many worries about everything. As others have already said, they should have greenlighted the project years ago, and have the car to market now. The new Mustang has been out for about a year, and it is hot. If Chevy can't even follow Ford to market within a year, they might as well just give the money back to the shareholders and close down the factories. By 2009/2010, Ford will probably have the next generation Mustang out, and the Camaro will hit the dealers squarely aimed at today's Mustang. My first car was a Camaro, and if I ever bought another one it would be another '69.
      • 9 Years Ago
      The Challenger would be much easier to produce for the simple reason that the platform is already in production. Much less has to be done.

      Three to four years is pretty standard for taking a concept that is truly a concept (rather than a veiled version of a largely finished future production car) into production. This was the case for the Viper, SSR, Evoke/XLR, and Solstice.

      The real question, as the previous post suggests, is why the Camaro is a true concept rather than a veiled version of a nearly finished production car. Nothing has really changed vs. two years ago. GM should have been able to decide to produce this car then if they were going to do it at all.

      I do hope it shrinks a bit before hitting the street. As I've said before, if this thing were any wider it'd need marker lights on the roof. The concept is even wider than a Suburban. As is, it's gonna feel huge.
      • 9 Years Ago
      GM showed the gorgeous Chevrolet SS Concept over three years ago. People beseeched them to build it. As usual, GM stuck its thumb up it's ass and did nothing. It would be close to being ready now. Take a look.

      • 9 Years Ago
      Umm....isn't the Camero supposed to be based on GMs upcoming RWD platform? In that sense, it's not really a true pie in the sky concept. Which makes it all the more surprising that it'd take them 3.5 years to get it out. Maybe that's how long it will take them to redesign the interior and struggle to get the front end changed to the Chevy everything looks the same front.

      Am I the only one who things they all just look like the Cavalier?
      • 9 Years Ago
      Seems to me like what made Chryslers second revolution (think viper, PT cruiser, etc; the first was iococca's minivan) was their ability to use computer modeling and rapid prototyping practices to get concepts, all their concepts, production ready extremely fast. This let them capitalize on the buzz their concept cars generated. If GM lets the camaro simmer for 3 years, they'll lose the buzz, and i'd bet good money that DCX gets the challenger out there for a 2008 model year.

      GM showed how outdated their design facilites are by doing all their work with clay and shaved foams. sure they make great body panels doing it that way, but they could have done just the same work digitized (the same creative talent is still there). Its obvious that they have some talent doing design, they just need to get them doing the work digitally right off the bat, then the time to get to production would be much shorter.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I love this car. I will wait however long it takes.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Okay,okay So its going to steal some sales from the Corvette(well maybe alot) But comm'on put it on the street already. I've been a Ford man most all my life but when I first saw this car I told my wife "We are getting one as soon as they come ready .But by the time they hit the asphalt I'll be driving my 3year old Saleen Pony! Sorry GM but as always A Day Late A Dollar Short .
      • 9 Years Ago
      The time from concept to production is always longer than it should be. GM is famous for drumming up excitement only to pull the fun out of it thanks to the bean counters. Look at the way they have handled the SS moniker. Don't get me wrong Ford does it too. Look at the blown possibility of the Mercury Marrauder. The original concepts were convertibles with superchargers and then the sedan had a 5.4L... The SSR, the belair concept, the trailblazerSS that had turboes, I mean its all carrots dangled in front of the performance car lover by these companies... It gets old. It gets really old. Heck by 2010 we may be running on diesel...
      • 9 Years Ago
      Look, I have seen the autobahn runners, even owned a few during my 3 tours in Germany. I know what the competion has to offer. I now sell Chevy's for a living and i know what the people want, desire and complain about. With gm employees running to ford for performance and rwd. You would only have to look at their weekend drivers to understand what needs to be done. Look Gm, If your late to this party with the Challenger pending release. You may as well keep the Camaro. You only need to ask salesmen what the customers are saying. YOU CREATE BUZZ, COME UP SHORT WITH LIMITED EQUIPMENT AND POWER AND LIMITED PRODUCTION. JUST LIKE THE COBALT SS. I have placed my order and taken one for a loyal customer hoping that you would come to the party with the Camaro. But now i'm thinking NSX.
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