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We’ll warn you first that this is total speculation based on rumor and hearsay, but you’re looking at a picture of what is supposedly Isuzu’s new mid-size SUV called the MU-7.

The MU-7 is based on Isuzu’s D-Max truck platform, which also underpins the Chevy Colorado and i-350/i-280 twins from Isuzu here in the States. Speculation has it that the MU-7 will replace the Isuzu Ascender when that vehicle ends production sometime in 2006.

Technically the MU-7 wouldn’t have a GM clone when (and if) it goes on sale here in the states, as the Colorado platform has yet to spawn an SUV variant. The Trailblazer and its rebadged kin are built on an entirely different platform, if we’re not mistaken.

More pics scavenged from the net after the jump...

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      • 9 Years Ago
      It needs a diesel!!! Something in the 2.5l to 4.0l range in either I4, I5, or V6 configuration. That would finally turn some heads again.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Isuzu vehicles are great cars as long as you take care of them. It would be great to see one of their diesels in something other then a shitty chevy truck. If they offered the Rodeo truck models in the US with the diesel options they have in the UK and Australia I am sure they would have a winner. There is no comparable sized trucks that offer a diesel and no US company has anything close to the quality of diesel that Isuzu makes. The Rodeo truck would be a great platform for relaunching the rodeo and trooper. Stick with names that are known since there isn't much else for isuzu to fall back on. They will be free once GM goes under in a year or so at least though. Maybe then we'll see some diesels.
      • 9 Years Ago

      It would be nice if Isuzu made more oddball vehicles such as the Vehicross or Axiom. There are enough 'regular' SUVs and trucks on the market. Suzuki makes nice odd ball cars (like the 5 door Aerio). Be great if there were oddball trucks.

      Just a thought from a consumer.

      • 9 Years Ago
      With that kind of SUV, I doubt if Isuzu can bring itself back to life. The styling even for right now is already couple years old...not mention it won't be on sale a couple of years later. IMO, GM ruined Isuzu. What's the point of having a Japanese brand sell rebadged American cars?

      Despite high gas prices, people that want SUVs will continue to buy SUVs. If Isuzu can come up something of its own, like the Vehicross a couple yrs ago...perhaps with some modern upgrades (a hybrid or disel engine with turbo?), it should at least get more attention and do better.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Jeff is completely right. It is mostly GM's mismanagement of the North American branch of Isuzu that has led to its general obscurity in our market, but they could return strong now that GM has seperated from them.

      And Fazzster, Obviosly you didnt know that the Isuzu Rodeo sold constantly near or over 100,000 units a year until about 2002, so don't tell me they fell out popularity in the 80s.

      What could bring the new SUV into popularity is Isuzu's new Diesel-Hybrid technology, which they are already using in commercial vehicles in Japan. It combines their already very efficient diesels with electric power to make capable and superefficient engines. I could definetly see this SUV getting around 35-40 mpg with the hybrid technology.

      Just because GM has screwed Isuzu over in the NA and Canadian markets does not mean it is not flourishing around the world. In Thailand, they sell more D-MAX pickups than Toyota sells of its HiLux. And Thailand is the world's third largest buyer of pickups. They aer expected to sell over 200,000 of their D-MAX in Thailand this year. The D-MAX has one awards in Asia and Europe, where sales have also increased greatly. New commonrail diesels have improved economy even more.

      The sun may look like it is setting for Isuzu America, but in reality, its about to rise as it parts from GM. And in the rest of the world, Isuzu's future is already looking vey good.
      • 9 Years Ago
      How does that song go? Na na na na... hey hey... goodbye?

      I guess Isuzu never got the memo on declining popularity of SUVs. I owned a Vehicross... and I've said it before and I'll say it again, the root cause of Isuzu's problems is its inablility to recognize and adapt to what the market is doing.

      These guys need to get out of their corporate cubes and look out the window more often.
      • 9 Years Ago
      IMO, the styling is kinda "old" It's going to be dated years before the truck is available here.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Isuzu seems to have fallen into obscurity. I remember my '88 Isuzu I-Mark. I bought it for $2900, and it lasted me only 500000 miles. Mind you, probably a lot of that was my fault. It was a zippy car though, and not even the turbo version.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Come on! You mean Isuzu still sells vehicles to the public? I think the last time I saw an ad or even a write-up was in 1986 when the Trooper was around. Today, the last Isuzu I saw was a big delivery truck. Please, just give it up!!!
      • 9 Years Ago
      I agree, they should bring back the Vehicross to compete with the Wrangler and new FJ.
      Popeye Americannews
      • 1 Year Ago
      I think they are finally coming to the US in 2014. I am definitely buying one, as my old Isuszu was still going strong after 25 years, so I'll buy another one. But I am expecting it to be a Chevrolet and it better say "Trailblazer" on it, or I'm not interested.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Dont count Isuzu out, not by a long shot.
      Now that GM is out of the picture, you very well could be seeing ads, and PRODUCT for once.
      Isuzu has been retooling and resetting their market strategy, and SUV sales are not dead, but rather, slowing down so there is logic to them selling a SUV particularly a Diesel.
      Isuzu is in a much rosier position than GM is.
      The Colorado platform is Isuzu based but the drivetrain however, is not.
      I dont know when Isuzu will be bringing its 3.0L Diesel, but given the rise in popularity in Diesels, It might come to both the Isuzu I-Max Pickups and their new SUV at the same time.
      Not sure about the Colorado and Canyon twins, but GM Is still buying them and Duramax Diesels from Isuzu, so that may come about for GM as well. (provided they are still in business in a couple years).
      There is a real reason Isuzu didnt do better here in the US in the last 20 years and it has nothing to do with Isuzu themselves.
      It was a stifling longterm contract with GM forbidding them to advertise, and getting several models Nixed by GM due to thier fear of having thier own domestic lineup seriously outsold by Isuzu.
      Ever wonder how the "car" side of things all of a sudden Died off? Thank GM for that decision.
      All because the Geo Storm was such a Hit, that they were outselling the cavalier, beretta and corsica combined!
      Since that crap is in the past now, and Isuzu has been buying its stock back and is owned only by 8% by GM (soon to be zero), Isuzu now has free reign to do what they want.
      Its sad that the innovation that Isuzu brought to the market over the years (particularly the Innovation of the Impulse (JR) design) that they got pushed into a corner and slapped around by GM that they nearly were wiped out after years of giving GM some pretty durable small pickups?
      Isuzu has plenty of life in them.
      Particularly because GM isnt involved anymore.

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