• Jan 28th 2006 at 8:00PM
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Honda Motor Company filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Ford Motor Company, stating that the name for Lincoln's newest SUV, the MKX, sounds too close to the brand's Acura MDX SUV. Said Mike Spencer, spokesperson for Honda’s luxury line on the company's Los Angeles federal court filing: “Our goal is to protect the Acura MDX name by ensuring that there's no consumer confusion between that and the new Lincoln MKX name.”

This is not the first time automakers have battled over the use of letters to identify their vehicles. Last year, Nissan filed a trademark infringement suit against Audi, hoping to stop the German company from using the letter “Q” in its new SUV line. The company has utilized 'Q' in its alphanumeric naming scheme since 1989. The issue was settled out of court. Ford has yet to issue a response to the third-largest Japanese automaker’s suit.

All of this begs the question, is the alphanumericization of American motoring really a worthwhile endeavor, or is it simply misplaced marketing effort? Autoblog's own Chris Paukert weighed in on the subject a while back here.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      Lincoln thanks Honda. No one would have noticed the MkX (which sounds like Mark X) if it hadn't been for Honda.

      I do have to warn Honda. Unlike Honda lawyers which haven't had much more practice than changing their briefs, Ford litigators are very experienced. I cannot wait to see Honda try to go against some of the best corporate lawyers since Satan's minions.

      Party on, Honda. Your sweat on your brow is so unbecoming.
      • 9 Years Ago
      What's in a name? I think buyers are going to compare the vehicles themselves, not the name, when they look at buying. I don't think that one letter is going to sway people this way or that. Honda/Acura people are going to buy the MDX and not even look at the Lincoln MKX, and vice versa.
      • 9 Years Ago
      What a waste of money in legal fees this is going to be for both companies. I hope the court throws out the case. cars looks completely different, there cannot be confusion when we're talking about tens of thousands of dollars. would a reasonable person walk into a lincoln dealership out of confusion?
      • 9 Years Ago
      Toyota proved something many years ago with the re-opening of the NUMMI plant in Fremont, CA.. Toyota proved that the American worker is not at fault for the decline of the American automobile industry, it's the American executive that is. Toyota reopened the NUMMI plant under their management and re-hired nearly all the workers layed-off by GM. The same auto-workers that were blamed for all the Q.A. problems and draging down the plant under GM management. Today, the NUMMI plant is one of the most efficient and profitable automobile manufacturing plants in the world.

      All the major Japanese and many European and Korean auto manufactures are investing in the American worker while the executives here in the U.S. are laying them off. I have no idea why "blue-collar" Americans want to bash foreign, especially Japanese, auto-makers that literally put food on their tables every night and fund their retirement with secure pensions.
      • 9 Years Ago
      so, i dont know if anyone else noticed this, but the name mkx is an evolution of a classical lincoln name, the mark VII, or the Mark LT.

      now its just MKX (mark X). i think they can make a decent arguement in court, but they'll end up using MarkX i hope anyway, since its more lincoln than the letter-name. (the lincoln LS never really sold, remember)
      • 9 Years Ago
      Actually MKX isn't for "Mark 10" - the "X" stands for "crossover." Same reason why Acura has the MD"X."
      • 9 Years Ago
      Hmmm, I seem to recall that the "MKX" moniker is owned by Jaguar. I also recall that Jaguar is owned by.....uhhhh, FORD. Either Honda has so many lawyers, it doesn't know what to do with them or those lawyers are just trying to generate billable hours with frivolous lawsuits. Either way, they'll earn their keep when Ford files it's countersuit...which it'll win in a slamdunk!

      Besides that, any company that dumps one of the BEST automotive names ever, the Legend, deserves to have their asses handed to them in court.
      • 9 Years Ago
      "And I love the fact that Acura is prospering while Lincoln continues to struggle in the marketplace."

      Yes, because you are a non-American, American hater, we've already established that in another blog post.

      I'm a proud American AR, what country are you a proud (or unproud) citizen of?
      • 9 Years Ago
      "cry cry cry anti americanism blah blah blah everyone other then you is an import fanboy."

      Again, people who think I throw the word "brainwashing' around lightly please reread the sentence above. EVERYONE other than me is an import fanboy. That isn't trying to massage the truth a little. Again, this is what the Communist do, pipe in statements that are totally incorrect to PERSUADE people. BTW, hell of an imagination you import fanboys have, you're about the third one that think I am over here crying. Don't worry, we aren't going on any fishing trips together, so don't keep your hopes up, I'm a big boy and can handle anything you import fanboys throw at me.

      "Your just pissed off because your fav car companies are playing a losing game."

      Yeah, because I haven't time and time again given solid reasons why it is bad for everyone, not just me if GM and Ford went away. Especially if it happens in the next few months. You import fanboys will be paying a lot for cars just like everyone else. You don't get the whole supply and demand thing I guess. If the 30 some odd percent of vehicles the big 2 provide to the American market are gone tomorrow then demand will be HIGH and supply LOW. Prices go up.

      "We live in a world economy there is no "AMERICAN" made anymore all parts come from all over the world,"

      So you are saying if your spouse were in an accident and lost an arm then you are ready to divorse them (or maybe you would prefer pulling the plug on them) because their arm is gone or artificial (they aren't 100% him or her as you knew them). Myself, I'd cherish all of my spouse that is still around. All because parts come from other places doesn't mean you throw away the ones made here (i.e. jobs here) because something isn't 100%. But that is why divorse is in your future. You don't get simple concepts like that.

      Gee, my grandfather died, sure hope everyone else in the family dies right away. Great logic. Superb. Where did you learn that from? When is 100% ever the criteria for much of anything?

      "its not about nationalistic pride its all about corporations and the one you just so happen to like a failing miserably. Deal with it."

      Yeah, because GM is so un-American, I mean, if tomorrow the gov't wanted to they could break them up like they did AT&T because GM IS American. They couldn't break up Toyota because they are Japanese. Not only that GM and Ford still make AT LEAST SOME THINGS HERE unlike American companies in EVERY other manufacturing sector. For some reason Apple makes all their iPods over there in China yet they are as American to most people as any other company. GM has 200K employees here in America and Toyota has 38K. Though on the surface to an uneducated individual (and I don't mean a piece of paper from a University, I mean actually went to learn and not just get grades and not just to learn your specialty and screw everything else) it looks like GM and Ford aren't very American but that is because you don't WANT to see the truth.

      The whole PROBLEM is that GM and Ford ARE more American than most companies (a big reason is because of the UAW for sure in that the big 2 need to abide by contracts and make/assembly most things here) in that they are not only incorporated here but they also make a majority (or darn close to it) of their products here. Even Microsoft has stickers on their software which state "Made in Puerto Rico". They have a monopoly and they still find it necessary to made things outside the states. How ridiculous is that?

      And globalist want to make them more non-American. That is the whole problem.

      And the reason why they are having so many problems is the brainwashing and inacurracies that go on out there.

      Someone else mentioned something about NUMMI proving it wasn't the American worker that was the problem well, yes, and it also PROVED that there is a bias for the foreign companies because the sales of GM is RIGHT NOW double Toyotas in America (and it was MUCH MORE 15 years ago) yet, 15 years ago when Corollas and the GM equivelant came out of the same factory guess who sold MORE of the same vehicle? Not the home team. Same car, same factory, foreign and domestic badging and we saw the results. We want to overlook that fact for some reason. THAT IS ONE OF MANY THINGS NUMMI proved.

      Why are Honda cruiser bikes "made" here but their sport bikes aren't? Because HD has the highest share of the market in cruisers so Honda needs to make them here to get the buyers. Honda's sports bikes have almost no American competition (just Buell, a late comer to the market which is now HD owned).

      Is it a coincidence where Honda has competition from here they make the product here and where they don't they don't?

      When the big two are gone so are the foreig
      • 9 Years Ago
      Like anyone would ever mix up A Lincoln for a lousey Honda.
      • 9 Years Ago
      And I love the fact that Acura is prospering while Lincoln continues to struggle in the marketplace.
      • 9 Years Ago

      Oh I forgot, can't use that, it has M's in it.

      I guess we should call a Mercury an Ercury now.

      Or a Camaro a Caaro.

      How about "come on in and see the new Ustang.

      Now are you happy Honda? How about you can't use the letters:
      H-o-n-d or a, all been used, sorry, so Acura would be Cur because you already used the letters you stole for Honda

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