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Everything's bigger in Texas, and that goes double for the trucks-- which neatly explains why the Blue Oval chose to debut the 2007 Expedition at this year's Houston Auto Show. Well, that or Ford elected to unveil their latest away from the bright lights of the 'biggies' (Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc.) in what might be described as 'tellingly meek' fashion. While there's nothing timid about Ford's biggest bruiser, Ford's quiet unveiling will likely be seen by some as a reaction to the increasing scorn (and decreasing sales) beleaguering the full-size SUV market.

Now available in two lengths, Gigantic (standard) and Leviathan (EL--stretched a further 14.8"), the Expedition effectively replaces the big-daddy Excursion, which be-villained Dearborn among conservationists while netting the automaker handsome profits and devoted fans among those with a penchant for large 'lifestyle accessories.'

The exterior is plainly evolutionary, but appears to have made good use of the three-bar grill spreading throughout Ford's stable, along with a bulging hoodline and confident new headlamps. Overall, the effect is familiar, but easily more successful than the somewhat awkward looking face of the new-for-2006 Explorer.

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The exterior is plainly evolutionary, but appears to have made good use of the three-bar grill spreading throughout Ford's stable, along with a bulging hoodline and confident new headlamps. Overall, the effect is familiar, but easily more successful than the somewhat awkward looking face of the new-for-2006 Explorer.

When it comes to the greasy bits, the big news is that the 5.4L Triton eight-cylinder (good for 300 horses and 365 lbs.-ft. of torque) is now yoked to a standard six-speed automatic.  As one might reasonably hope for in a vehicle weighing a minimum of 5,500 lbs., enlarged four-wheel ABS-abetted discs are matched with traction control (AdvanceTrac) and anti-turtle tech (Roll Stability Control). All and sundry comes mounted to a closed-box frame 10-percent stiffer than the outgoing Expedition. Properly equipped, the Expedition can tow in excess of 9,100 lbs., or approximately 827 full-grown miniature dachshunds (if one is given to that sort of thing).

On the suspension front, a revised rear five-link setup includes monotube gas shocks and a strengthened rear axle, which still affords enough interior space to fold the third row flat. As is the way these days, rolling stock choices vary from 17" (XLT) to the all-important optional chrome 20" wheels (Limited).

The interior benefits from the dramatic material improvements first issued on the F-150, with options including a rear-seat entertainment system brandishing an 8.5" display, heated and cooled front seats (sorry, kids), and a Centerslide™ middle seat that can be moved closer to Mom n' Dad, Volvo XC-90 style. An improved sat-nav system with 6.5" screen shares console space with an MP3-capable stereo.

Naturally, in case anyone (or anything) is foolish enough to chance a run-in with the Expedition's continental bulk, a raft of airbags stand at-the-ready, including new seat-resident side airbags and third-generation safety canopy covering all-three rows of dachshunds passengers.

With Ford having appeared to have thrown everything in the latest Expedition but the proverbial scullery Kohler, what's missing? A price, for starters. Oh, and those pesky fuel economy figures.

The 2007 Expedition is set to lumber into dealerships this fall.

5.4-liter 3-valve Triton™ V-8
• 300 hp @ 5,000 rpm, 365 lbs.-ft. @ 3,750 rpm
• Standard 6-speed automatic transmission 
Wheelbase: 119.0 in. (EL 131.0 in.)
Height: 77.2 in. (EL 77.7 in.)
Length: 206.5 in. (EL 221.3 in.)
Max width: 78.8 in.
Brakes: Four-wheel power disc brakes with (ABS) and AdvanceTrac® with RSC® (Roll Stability Control)
Front: Double wishbone short- and long-arms (SLA) architecture with coil-over, gas filled shocks
Rear: Multi-link independent
XLT:  P265/70R17 A/S BSW tires/17 in. painted aluminum wheels
  P265/70R17 A/T OWL tires/17 in. machined aluminum wheels
Eddie Bauer:  P265/70R17 A/S OWL tires/17 in. aluminum wheels
  P255/70R18 A/S OWL tires/18 in. machined aluminum wheels
Limited: P255/70R18 A/S OWL tires/18 in. machined aluminum wheels
  Optional 20 in. chrome clad aluminum wheels
Seating Capacity: 5-9
Curb weight (2WD):  5,578 lbs. (EL 5,928 lbs.)
Cargo volume behind front row: 108.2 cu. ft. (EL 130.8 cu. ft.)
Cargo volume behind second row:  54.9 cu. ft. (EL 85.5 cu. ft.)
Maximum payload:  1,800 lbs. (EL 1,700 lbs.)
Maximum towing capacity: 9,100 lbs.
On sale:  Fall 2006
Price: Will be announced closer to launch
These specifications are preliminary and subject to change.

[Source: The Ford Motor Company]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Years Ago
      that ipod shuffle plug seems pretty desperate.
      i feel so sorry for the marketing folks who thought that was a good idea. baka!
      • 9 Years Ago
      I like the new exp. It reminds me of the first ones that came out in 97. As far as the Tahoe goes it may look nice but it has no chrome grille. I guess its going the japanese "cheap sheet-metal front end fascia" strategy. Good going. Ford dominates in grilles.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I'm surprised Ford/DCX hasn't come up with a 'burb fighter until now...come on DCX, your turn! That thing got a HEMI? Yeee hawwwwwwww!
      • 9 Years Ago
      What happens when a smaller car has a run-in with one of these? Carnage, that's what.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I am an owner of an 03 expedition and love it!!! Can't wait for the new model. I have a family of 3 boys wife boat etc. This truck fits my lifestyle. Do not think the EL model is necessary just get a yakima roof rack for traveling. The new front end looks a lot bolder. Classy styling from a classy car company
      • 9 Years Ago
      Let me ask you folks: Is this giant POS behemoth of a grocery getter going to turn Ford around? Is this truck going to re-open those 12 plants being shut down?

      Does this giant POS represent all that's Good with Amerika, or all that is Self-Centered and Rotten?

      No, Billie Bob, Homie don't think this POS is good for Amerika. But I can see all the yellow ribbon "I support our Troops" decals and flags being slathered all over the ass end of this sh&*bag on wheels.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I happen to own an Expedition, and while I have a family of four, I use this vehicle all the time to haul my troop of Boy Scouts. Our family also has a smaller car that we use around town, but it does not pull the troop trailer. We try to be responsible car owners, and looking at this vehicle I would have no problem purchasing it to be used for the same reasons as stated above.
      • 9 Years Ago
      need a diesel, the only one that can be found is an Excursion, and those were discontinued.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Please consider another situation. We are a family of 4 with a disabled child. A van is not good option for us. We live in a rural commumity and need 4WD. I need cargo space for a wheelchair, service dog and a place to change diapers. If these larger SUV's weren't available we would be back a couple of decades when handicapped persons were not seen very often in public. I for one am very grateful for the option and I am tired of the stares from those who feel offended by my purchase choice. May I say again..my choice.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Who DOES need one? Crap. I love the way in that graphic how the truck is four times bigger than the camper and boat. You can pull a boat with a Toyota Camry. With this thing you can pull a freakin' oil tanker! And probably need to.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I like the new Expedition, but Ford does need to get with the increased horsepower program. I'm glad the new Cobra will be around 500RWHP, so I would like to see them give this around 400HP. I mean if a 3valve Mustang GT can have 300Hp then the 5.4, naturally aspirated with variable valve timing set up and improved flow heads should be easily worth 30% power increase. If not, sl;ap a supercharger on it, but then its maximum towing capabilities will be hurt. COME ON FORD, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!! If the General can give the new Tawhore 325HP out of a 5.3ltr motor than you can certainly do better.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I recently rented a 06 expedition for a work function where I had eight people come along for the ride. I have to say that everyone was quite comfortable and the ride was similar to that of a luxury sedan. The interior was incredibly quiet and pretty nimble for such a large SUV, I was impressed. This redesigned 07 model looks even better, I have never been a fan of Ford but I have to say as of late they are making significant strides to improve. This vehicle fits me quite well as I am 6'5" 260. It would come in handy with the wife and kids but Gas here in Chicago is ridiculous. Hopefully they will have a hybrid version soon but until then I have to be somewhat practial/ecenomical. Anyone else stuck in the same situation?
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