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The Detroit News reports that the BMW X3 SUV will get a light facelift for the 2007 model year, which hits the midpoint of the product's lifecycle. Expected at the Paris Motor Show this September, the little ute will sport an updated front and rear, as well as a significantly improved interior to tide us over until the all-new model hits the show floor for 2009.

BMW better make the X3 a more attractive prospect before a new slew of little luxury utes hits the market soon, specifically the quirky Acura RDX that comes with the company's first turbocharged powerplant ever. Don't forget the new Hyundai Santa Fe, as well. The Korean manufacturer named the BMW X3 as one of the benchmarks it strove to exceed in appeal and undercut in price.

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      (Aaron) agreed. And don't forget Volvo and Mercedes are both coming out with small SUVs. Audi may follow although they are a little late into the SUV craze with the Q7. My friend's father bought an X3 and he explained to me that in a lot of ways it's equal to or better than the X5 e.g. handling and interior volume plus it's a newer model so I'm sure there are many improvements over the X5. Thus BMW should consider differentiating the X3 and X5 or accelerate the process of producing a new X5 because. So, I would say, even though it's hard to dissaude someone from buying a bimmer because they're either a loyal customer or want an icon, BMW should watch their back.

      ALSO: please make BMWs attractive again.
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      Yes, nobody who's in the market for a BMW would ever think about buying a Hyundai. But BMW better make sure to get their act together, as there are a lot of other luxury manufacturers waiting to take away its buyers.