• Jan 24th 2006 at 3:30PM
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Ferrari took the wraps off its 2006 V8 challenger at the Mugello circuit in Italy Tuesday.

The creator of the Ferrari 248 F1, Aldo Costa, said the new car features radical mechanical and aerodynamic changes, although, as with yesterday's unveiling of the new McLaren, he hastened to point out that the aero package would undergo significant development before the first race of the season in Bahrain.

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[Thanks for the tip, dinges!] When asked about the team's continued reliance on Bridgestone tires, Ross Brawn indicated that Ferrari were in a much better position than last year, aided by the rules change to allow tire changes during pit stops (which places less emphasis on long-run performance) and by the greater number of Bridgestone teams this year, which should speed tire development. When asked to compare the V8 car to last year's V10, Brawn said he expected lap times to be one or two seconds slower, even with better tires.

Also worthy of note is the return of beverage company Martini and Rossi to Formula 1. The company announced their sponsorship of Ferrari F1 yesterday, on the heels of an earlier announcement by computer maker Acer.

[Source: Ferrari]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      #4 - Slicks are part of the FIA's proposed 2008 rules package, I think. Next year they go to a single tire manufacturer (Bridgestone).
      • 9 Years Ago
      The Ferrari Formula 1 Team fired their entire pit crew yesterday. The announcement followed Ferrari's decision to take advantage of the UK Government's Youth Opportunity scheme and employ people from Glasgow.

      The decision to hire them was brought on by a recent documentary on how unemployed youths from the Glasgow area were able to remove a set of wheels in less than 6 seconds without proper equipment, whereas Ferrari's existing crew can only do it in 8 seconds with millions of euros worth of high tech equipment.

      Tony Blair went on record as saying this was a bold move by the Ferrari management, which demonstrated the international recognition of the UK under New Labour. As most races are won and lost in the pits, Ferrari now have an advantage over every team.

      However, Ferrari may have got more than they bargained for...At the crew's first practice session, the Glasgow pit crew successfully changed the tyres in under 6 seconds, and then within 12 seconds they had re-sprayed, re-badged, and sold the vehicle to the McLaren team for 8 bottles of Stella, a kilo of speed, and some photos of Coulthard's bird in the shower.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I haven't been following F1 since last season so bare with me. Weren't the '06 cars supposed to use low profile slick tires? Is this car still wearing last years tires for the pictures, or is the tire rule change coming next year> (or when?)
      • 9 Years Ago
      It looks so conservative compared to the photos of the McLaren.

      The new tire rules should definitely benefit the bridgestone-clad teams. And make it safer for everyone.

      • 9 Years Ago
      I'm no Ferrari F1 fan but this car is beautiful. Its hard to tell the difference between the F1 models but usually eveything sculpted by Ferrari is great, except the 400 and 612 scaglietti. Go BMW Sauber!! Go Mclaren!!