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Mazda has released its first official photos of the Kabura concept's premiere at NAIAS. Larger than the MX5, but smaller than the RX-8, the Kabura could define a new entry-level sports coupe for Mazda.

Sporting a flexible seating/cargo arrangement based on what Mazda calls a "3 1" layout, the concept is aimed at young buyers with an active lifestyle.

A front-engine, rear-drive car, the Kabura appears to conceptualize a more affordable sports coupe than Mazda's RX-8, and a more practical everyday car than its MX5. No plans for production, unfortunately.

More pics and specs after the jump.
Official press release and more pics after the jump.

Official Press Release:

DETROIT -- The essence of Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom spirit is providing customers with stylish, insightful, spirited products capable of enriching their lives in exciting ways. At this year’s North American International Auto Show, Mazda is presenting Kabura, a design concept that ventures beyond the compact sports coupe norm to explore several fresh ideas that could appear in future production models.

To deliver the true “Soul of a Sportscar” that is the essence of every Mazda, Kabura incorporates the front-engine, rear-drive layout universally admired by driving enthusiasts and long delivered by Mazda’s MX-5 and rotary-engined sportscars.

To support youthful lifestyles, Kabura stretches the bounds of interior versatility in radical directions. Replacing the typical 2 2 layout is a clever 3 1 arrangement which establishes a new interior concept giving greater passenger comfort versus a traditional coupe without increasing weight or size. Obliging spur-of-the-moment adventures and shopping sprees, all passenger seats fold flat to make way for snow boards, shopping bags and all the tools of an active life .

While Kabura has the presence of an exotic sports car, it has the practicality and affordability that youth can yearn for and afford.

KABURA: The First Arrow Launched Into Battle

“Kabura” is a Japanese term taken from “KABURA-ya”, an arrow that makes a howling sound when fired and was historically used to signal the start of a battle. The “first arrow into battle” depicts Mazda’s spirit of pursuing unique and exciting ventures - such as the rotary engine.

Kabura is not only the first Mazda compact coupe for the 21 st century, it’s also the first project guided by Mazda North American Operations’ (MNAO) Director of Design Franz von Holzhausen, who joined Mazda in February 2005. The 37-year-old von Holzhausen studied industrial design at Syracuse University and graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena , Calif.


“With Kabura, we set out to use innovative design to rekindle the passion for driving,” notes von Holzhausen. “Our intention is to rouse the segment with some intravenous creativity. While we have no plans at the moment to build a production version of Kabura, it is not a complete flight of fancy. It embodies several innovations Mazda could implement when a compact sports coupe, steeped in Zoom-Zoom, is ready for production.”

According to a recent survey performed by a major research organization, Mazda’s new-car customers are the second youngest in North America , at only 41 years of age .

Generation-Y buyers are several steps ahead of the latest trends and constantly on the lookout for affordable possessions that satisfy their hunger for stylish, insightful and spirited designs. One of Kabura’s roles is exposing a likely future design direction to today’s demanding customers.

Power is supplied to Kabura’s rear wheels by a 2.0-liter version of Mazda’s highly respected MZR DOHC 16-valve engine and through to 245/35R19 Bridgestone Potenza front tires and 245/35R20 tires at the rear. While this concept has been constructed over several MX-5 chassis components, basic dimensions fall between Mazda’s MX-5 and RX-8 sportscars.

Were the Kabura design study to achieve production status, it would likely be a stand-alone product rather than an extension of any existing model line.


Von Holzhausen describes Kabura’s exterior as “a nimble-looking fuselage with a powerful stance, pronounced wheel arches and taut surfaces.” He adds , “Every line flows into another with no open ends. Surfaces are drawn tight over the wheel arches, the way a spider’s web stretches between anchor points.”

While Kabura’s profile is reminiscent of classic coupes, the windshield and forward portion of the roof are integrated into one seamless glass surface that extends from the cowl to the B-pillar. Admitting extra light enhances the interior’s feeling of airy space. Overhead portions of the glass have adjustable tinting so that the driver can twist a knob on bright days to change the roof’s opacity, as desired, from clear to completely opaque.

Behind its B-pillar, Kabura has a two-piece glass hatch. The uppermost glass panel normally lies flush. When pivoted-up by an electric motor, the way ailerons rise out of an airplane wing, this panel serves three purposes: it acts as a roof spoiler, it vents air from the interior and it greatly augments the rear passengers’ headroom. In addition, a photovoltaic solar cell in the panel helps to control ambient temperature as well as recharge the battery. The larger glass hatch panel has side-mounted hinges to provide ready access to Kabura’s spacious cargo compartment.


“While examining the habits and tastes of our youthful customers, we found that the majority have a need to carry one or at most two passengers in comfort, while a very small percentage actually use the fourth seat on limited occasions,” von Holzhausen continues, noting the level of research and planning that goes into the creation of a major automaker’s concept vehicle. “Clearly, the standard 2 2 compact coupe configuration with restricted rear access and limited seating space doesn’t work in this context, so we created a 3 1 layout for Kabura that resolves those shortcomings”.

A standard left-side door provides access to the driver’s cockpit and the rear jump seat. The right side is a wholly different and purposely asymmetrical arrangement. Removing the glovebox and minimizing the instrument panel allowed designers to shift the front passenger six-inches ahead of the driver’s seating position. In turn, the second passenger, sitting in tandem behind the right-front passenger, enjoys approximately the same leg, shoulder, and headroom.

Developed on the RX-Evolv and RX-01 showcars, Mazda designers invented the rear-hinged freestyle doors to improve the RX-8’s rear-seat access. Kabura proves that inspiration can strike twice in pursuit of spirited, stylish design that provides customers more than they ever dreamed possible.

To maintain a sleek roofline while offering rear access that’s vastly superior to what’s available in today’s compact coupes, von Holzhausen’s team designed Kabura with an extra right-side door. After the front door is opened, touching a button slides the bonus door straight back and out of the way.

Instead of swinging on hinges as in the innovative Mazda RX-8, this additional door glides neatly into a cavity notched into the rear-quarter panel area the way a pocket door disappears into a house wall. “Kabura may be the first compact coupe where no passenger has to call ‘shotgun!’ to avoid the second-class citizen treatment,” von Holzhausen pointed out.

Building on Kabura’s innovative styling and interior packaging, von Holzhausen’s team decided that introducing a level of sustainability and recyclability was a critical part of the concept. By partnering with Sustainable Solutions, Inc (SSI), a leader in reengineering post-industrial waste materials into quality consumer products, Mazda shows it has an eye toward the future in everything it does.

Kabura's interior is produced from SSI's innovative regenerated leather substrate. Itself produced from 100-percent post-industrial waste - in this case, much of the waste was material recovered from the manufacturing of Nike brand athletic shoes - SSI's leather-grind is able to be dyed and printed in any color or design and appears in Kabura as a technical yet inviting material.

Mazda North American Operations is responsible for the sales and marketing, customer parts and service support of Mazda vehicles in the United States . Headquartered in Irvine , Calif. , MNAO has more than 700 dealerships nationwide.

Mazda KABURA Specifications

 4 050 mm
 1 780 mm
 1 280 mm
 2550 mm
 Seating capacity
 4 person
Engine MZR 2.0 L DOHC 16-Valves
Suspension %uFF08 Front/Rear %uFF09 Double Wishbone/Multi-Link
 Front : 245/35 R19
Rear: 245/35 R20
Bridgestone Potenza

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Years Ago
      Peter, take a look at the Opel. They actually offer an extended windshield on their sporty model coupe.
      I do hope Mazda makes this car, but with AWD.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I like it its got great proportions build something simalar to this definately on my long list of cars to drive. Im all for cheaper rw drive cars.
      • 9 Years Ago
      lol #7, front looks better than what was on paper
      • 9 Years Ago
      We need this vehicle! With the new CX-7 comming off of the show curcuit, there's no reason not to build it. I would love to see AWD and the direct injection turbo 2.3 in this. It moves the Mazda 6 pretty well, just imagine....
      • 9 Years Ago
      After seeing a gallery of picture:
      http://www.gizmag.com/go/5011/gallery/ ,I do want this car badly.
      The windshield goes all the way to the middle of the roof, the stance of the car is great and the silhouette is so perfect for a sport car. And it is a rear wheel drive.
      If this car hits showrooms it will be a success. I don't care about marketing Zoom-zoom but Mazda proved they can build cars with driver in mind.
      I hope this one goes for real.
      • 9 Years Ago
      cool, rwd. if its cheaper than than the rx-8, it might be the cheapest rwd import, maybe even cheaper than the american mustang? maybe the word is not cheaper, but it's affordable.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Re Post 10: ebm14

      Why the blazes would you want to ruin a car with Mazda's lousy AWD system? The Mazdaspeed6 is heavy and FWD biased! Yes, the silly system is FWD first and when it detects slip, it transfers power (only up to 50%) to the rear. Talk about understeer. The Mazdaspeed6 isn't nearly as nimble or fun as it should be. you want to retard this great little coupe that way?

      Keep the car a light, fun, RWD coupe. The Mazda MX-5 weighs less than 2500 lbs. I don't know how often you drive cars or the fashion you drive them but lightweight and RWD = car nirvana. An AWD system, especially the garbage used by Mazda, would ruin the spirit of the car.
      • 9 Years Ago
      this is nice looking. i just can't understand why car makers feel like the MUST shoehorn in seating for more than two people on as many models as popssible. is it a crime to offer a two seater to without a flimsy fold down cloth top?
      • 9 Years Ago
      Peter, take a look at the Opel. They actually offer an extended windshield on their sporty model coupe.
      I do hope Mazda makes this car, but with AWD.
      • 9 Years Ago
      This is pretty much an out there concept. No chance of anything like this. Those extended windshields always show up in concept never in reality. Crazy seating is pointless.

      Just make a 2 seat hatch, lightweight with the 2.3L version of the engine. Good economy, decent practicality from the hatch and fun to drive from light weight and 2.3L engine and RWD.
      • 9 Years Ago
      for one second imagine this car with the 2.3 turbo from the Mazdaspeed6. Its weight is somewhere south of 3300 lbs, which means this little bugger would have torque, sublime mazda handling (essentially they're the BMW of japan) and style. Very impressive.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Rear 3/4 looks like a million bucks! Front end, not so much.
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