• Jan 5th 2006 at 6:30PM
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Joel was there live today as the Green Car Journal announced that the winner of its first Green Car of the Year is the Mercury Mariner Hybrid. The jury selecting the winner included Green Car Journal staff, as well as automotive and environmental experts such as Carroll Shelby, Jean-Michel Cousteau and Mario Andretti. Judges were looking for vehicles that advanced overall efficiency and functionality while decreasing environmental impact. The Mercury Mariner Hybrid fit the bill by achieving 33mpg/city and 29mpg/highway, having a range of over 400 miles per tank and still managing to be as functional as its gas-only counterpart.

"The hybrid Mariner is the right idea at the right time," says Roland Hwang, vehicles policy director at the Natural Resources Defense Council who was present at the ceremony. "To regain its competitive edge, Detroit must come to grips with how high pump prices have put consumers in an entirely new mindset. This vehicle proves that a determined Detroit can win the race."

[Source: Ford] This new honor is added to the Mercury Mariner Hybrid’s trophy case where a “Best Compact SUV” award from the Texas Auto Writers Association and ForbesAuto.com already resides. Mercury actually rushed the Mariner Hybrid into production a full one year ahead of schedule due to market demand, which in light of its critical success was apparently a good idea.

Gee, I wonder who won?

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      . . .looks red to me
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      I believe that the Mercury is a fine choice for a winner. I am a 28 year old surgeon in Pennsylvania and am very fond of the Mercury vehicle line-up. I have been for years. In fact though I can afford many high end vehicle brands, in my garage parked along side my '04 Lexus LX470 and '99 Volvo XC(cross country) I have my original '96 Mercury Mountaineer and a new '06 Mountaineer. Of my vehicles, my Mountaineers are still my most often choice to drive on a regular basis. I may even acquire a new Montego in the near future.
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      Here is my comment: Each time I look for a vehicle and start considering foreign made, my stomach churns with the thought of it. I have a very strong agenda when it comes to products; in my opinion, before patronizing anything else, if we are producing the same here in our country then it is only sensible to consider what is family above all else. This way we can always keep our economy and our jobs in the country and not be dependent upon outsourced products. I truly believe what I just said -- I haven't had a one iota of foreign source product unless there is no other way. I would prefer U. S. made products first -- is what I am trying to impart. Thank you.

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      And the most vehicles you see in the SF Bay Area are Ford F-150s right? I mean, if you are going to use your small piece of America as an indicator of what the rest of American is doing then it would make sense for YOU to see more F-150s and Chevy Silverados than anything else... Whatever.

      Just import fanboys that can't stand to see an American nameplate getting cudos when everyone is supposed to know that only the Japanese nameplates can offer a hybrid, much less an award winning one. "People might think that Ford and possibly GM are not as inept as we've been trying to tell everyone, we have to stop this."

      Don't worry though fanboys, there are a ton (mostly?) of Japanese parts in it because Japan took over the battery industry years ago (like most consumer electronics related things) and so you can feel better now about accepting this vehicle.

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      I haven't seen a single one of these in the SF Bay Area.

      Which makes sense. The car that doesn't exist is the greenest of them all.
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