• Jan 4th 2006 at 3:46PM
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The cat is so out of the bag on this one and it has been ever since Dodge let its Challenger Concept get caught on film naked in the wild back in November. It’s now on the covers of at least three car mags already on the stands and it’s been judged, critiqued and evaluated exhaustively already.

And the damn thing hasn’t even debuted yet.

Well, the official unveiling will come soon enough, but we thought we’d gather our best pics of the Challenger Concept for you in a gallery after the jump. We'll of course have more live shots of the concept as well as detailed specs when it "officially" debuts at the Detroit auto show in a few days.

We have to believe that despite losing the element of surprise for the Challenger’s debut, Dodge has to be pleased with the buzz this car has generated so far.


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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Years Ago
      im a die hard mopar man. i still own a 73 dodge charger a 82 dodge rampage and a 80 dodge 4x4 that i drive everyday the new charger is ok but its not a real one the challenger looks sweet i would buy one. just keep 2door cars. darts,demons,cudas,roadrunners,gtx or make a 2door charger for 07! keep up the grat work. cause its mopar or no car!!!!! jim k
      • 9 Years Ago
      I'm so sick of this retro muscle car thing. Give me a sweet 400hp engine that's got a sweet NEW look.

      That being said the Challenger is the best-looking of this pointless lot. It at least actually looks retro. Not like the Mustang, Charger, or Camero. Those don't look old, and yet they don't look new either. The Challenger when you first look at it, does look old. But then as you stare closer and longer, it looks newer and newer. As far as the retro thing goes, this is the way to do it. Well besides not doing it at all anyway.
      Hopefully this whole retro trend will have vanished by the time they finally bring back my Firebird. I can only hope.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I don't look at the new Challenger as just another old car that has been redesigned, and I definately don't see it as being a useless remake. I'll agree that most remakes, whether they are movies or cars...SUCK. I mean they are downright garbage. However, every so often, maybe, just maybe, a good idea slips through.

      The new Challenger is not one of the good ideas... it's and incredible idea. Their are more young and old alike that want to live as well as relive the experience that you receive while cruising down the road in a MUSCLE CAR. If you want a no nonsense, thrill ride, just straight ponies under the hood and a clean design, you want this Challenger!!!

      I've seen the junk out their... Mustang??? what's up with that, they were the underdog then, they're the underdog now, and they will be the underdog in the future. The Camaro, I loved it, but the new concept Camaro looks like a cheap rip off of the new Mustang, if they want a true Camaro Muscle era car, use the 1970 model Z28 as a start!!!

      I think that it is about time that Dodge appologizes to the public for designing the Dodge Charger, a weak, narrow-minded approach to a once incredible car. I hope that that appolgy will come in the form of the new Dodge Challenger.

      So, if you don't like retro, you don't like Muscle, or you just don't like Dodge, DON'T BUY IT!!! But to say that the Challenger design is weak, or a cheap rip off, I say, it's about bloody well time they start designing cars the way they ought to be designed,
      like the old/new Dodge Challenger.
      • 9 Years Ago
      My friends, build it, and they will come......

      This is a GREAT move by Dodge. Lets hope it sees full scale production with few, if any, changes from the photos I've seen of it. I have always been a fan of muscle cars and would be tickled pink to put this one in the garage next to my '69 Shelby GT 350 4sp. It could displace the 2002 Mustang GT that's currently there.

      I was saving my nickles and dimes to buy the 2007 GT 500 Mustang, but in all reality, the Challenger does the trick better - more retro, more clean, and more cubes; 6.1 vs. 5.4.

      I can't be the only guy out there that feels this way. I was too young (born in '65) to fully enjoy the muscle car era, but with cars like the new Mustang, and now the new Challenger - would you go back?

      Anyway - I think it's a great addition to the U.S. automaker's inventory and I really hope Dodge builds this thing!
      • 9 Years Ago
      Drool...I want one. Had a 74 and always wondered what it would be like if some of the great classics from that era were built with today's technology - the idea of adding some handling to the raw power - it looks like we might find out. As for the whiners about going retro - gimme a break, it is refreshing to have a choice. I do agree though that the only way this beast could be improved is if it was a Cuda. Bring it on!
      • 9 Years Ago
      i said the same thing when i saw this hot ride! should be called cuda! but it look alot like my 71 challenger r/t i had when i was 19 {im 40 now}if it looks like this picture when it comes out i will probably bye it.and im a big camaro fan....i think chrysler is on to somethin here...
      • 9 Years Ago
      It rocks guys!!!

      I'm 32 and don't live in the USA,but old enough to have seen "Vanishing Point" at least 1000's!
      I'm just wondering wether Barry Newman will be playing the TV adv for the New Challenger!!!
      Only wish I was rich and in the USA, I would run straightway to the Dealer for a white Hemi one!!!!!

      Greetings from Italy!
      • 9 Years Ago
      1. Daimler-Chrysler should resurrect the Plymouth name just so they can sell this as a 'Cuda, which is what it should be.

      2. 1 Word: Convertible!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • 9 Years Ago
      Ya, do it! Im in my late 40s and Id jump on one in a min. The styling could be a bit closer to the oringinal in tail lights and front end, but hey, it looks great anyway. Im sure some would rather see the Cuda version but Im a fan of both so either is great! The older guys like myself are the ones that can afford them anyway in the majority so I think its more for us anyway! I hit driveing age about 3 years after the last one in 72 but I still have my first love a 72 Challenger 340 Rallye!!!!! Make mine Hemi Orange and a stick for sure! No auto! Oh no! I always wondered what it would be like to have one with up to date suspension on it and brakes that would stop you! Bring it to me baby!
      • 9 Years Ago
      They finally did something right. Now don't go change it and screw it up!
      • 9 Years Ago
      I'm staring my new savings account today, hopefuly by the time them Dodge Boys build this thing my kids will be out of high school and I'll be able to have a new modern version of the '70 Challenger R/T S.E. I used to collect moving violations in when I was in high school!
      As far as the grumpy nay sayers in the blog,why even bother to comment? You must be the same kind of pencil neck that would turn his nose up at the originals...while you were driving Mom's Pinto we were reducing our tires to smoldering piles of goo and having lots of fun doing so!
      • 9 Years Ago
      The Challenger is meant to compete with the Mustang that Ford has had much success with. The 20 year old is exactly right. Maybe dodge will get it right this time and bring the car back as it appears in the concept. I would buy it and i am 41 years old. I own a 68 charger and just sold 74 roadrunner. Muscle cars are a great way toexpress your individuality and your persona. If you don't like it or have trouble getting in and out of it DON'T BUY IT, BUT LET THE REST OF US ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!
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