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Even if you’re not a huge Elvis fan (like me), you have to appreciate the value of this car. Elvis had it special ordered in 1959 while he was stationed in Germany. It’s one of the first 1960 Lincolns, serial #32, and comes loaded with every option. It was customized especially for the King by Hess and Eisenhardt who also built the X-100 limo in which Kennedy was assassinated.
Regardless of its owner, the car is still a steal considering that it has only 33,000 miles and every document chronicling its life is present and accounted for, including its certificate of origin from Ford to Schilling Motors in Memphis, the bill of sale from Schilling Motors to Elvis and the application of title in Elvis’ name. Memorabilia hunters will no doubt be salivating at the thought of Presley’s chicken scrawl on a legal document.

Elvis only owned the car for five years, while for the last 40 years it’s been the proud possession of Alan Fortes, a close friend of the King of Rock N Roll who has been protecting the celebrity whip all this time. The car will be auctioned off by Barrett Jackson at the organizer's Scottdale, Arizona event from January 14-22.

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      Cool, now I just need to find a gas station selling leaded gas. Might also want to get that A/C recharged. ;-)

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      Anyone want to even guess at what this will sell for??? After last year's hedonistic, obscene and over the top prices at B-J's auction, anything between $1 and $2 mil doesn't seem even remotely out of line. BTW, for anyone that's never watched, live coverage of the B-J auction on SpeedTV aka the Speed Channel/Speedvision is must watch TV. Great cars and lots of hot babes too.
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      I guess this is the ultimate item for any Elvis fan. But as mentioned, the car itself is worth owning. A great piece of history in great condition. The future owner is surely a lucky guy to own something like this.
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      Did Elvis Presley ever get recognition from the company that made car? He surely deserved it.

      "If you ever go to Tupelo,
      And see the little shack,
      Remember then, the country boy,
      Who drove a Cadillac". From the verse, "Kentucky Moons", printed in the Southern Sentinel" newspaper (16th August 1997) of Ripley Mississippi.
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      "Even if youre not a huge Elvis fan (like me),....."
      So John, which is it? You are or you're not a huge Elvis fan!