• Dec 27th 2005 at 3:00PM
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Major snow that hit the Japanese archipelago last Friday forced most of the country’s major automakers to scuttle operations for the day. Toyota, for instance, suspended operations at all 15 of the factories it runs in Japan, while Honda, Mitsubishi and Daihatsu also temporarily halted production.

The snow storm must have been unusual for Japan, as current weather forecasts for most major cities in the country have the mercury rising somewhere into the upper 40-degree range all week. Any local Japanese out there who can either corroborate or discredit these reports?

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      I'd love to put my Envoy up against your Prius in the snow. Please, let's give a go. I want to see the tail of your Prius at 25 or 35 MPH. For $25K during discounts, I'm sure my Envoy would be a fair priced vehicle to compare against your Prius in the snow. Last time we had around 2 ft. of snow here, near D.C. I put a 4-runner to shame and made a Wrangler do a 180 trying to keep up. It was fun.

      I do understand that there is a superiority complex with drivers of foreign vehicles so I will take your comments with a grain of salt.

      Reminds me of my days in high school when Bullis wrestling were National Prep Champs for years and everyone thought they were great at wrestling. Finally, someone had a great idea that the national prep champs should wrestle the the Maryland state champs (public schools) one year. The Maryland state champs destroyed them. It is all about perceived domininance. I mean GM had an all electric EV-1 pretty close to gasoline numbers (miles per charge approaching miles per tank and speed and quickness all there) and there are people on this site that have stated that domestics have no business trying to compete in alternative fuels. It is all about perception.

      GM gets into a $300 billion debt (a lot because of American's perception of foreign products combined with the fact that we have millions of Visas a year to foreignors who predominantly buy Honda and Toyota and not GM and Ford) combined with the fact that they see hybrid as not the end all of alternative fuels and don't want to waste anymore of their debt there, still further combined with the FACT that the Japanese dominate battery technology and so there is no way GM could compete with Toyota and neither could any other U.S. company in existence if they wanted to do better than GM in the situation to produce hybrids.

      So if the Japanese dominate battery technology and through the use of keiretsuS keep their country's companies stronger (unlike the U.S. where IBM gave Honda it's first voice activated navigation technology and some American company just gave VW some touch screen technology as shown in a recent blog). The Japanese get pick of all technology but not many other countries get the pick of Japanese technology.

      Anyway, I choose not to support that crap myself.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Pretty funny. How good are Japanese cars if that snow pictured shuts down all of Toyotas factories? That looks like an average winter day in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan where they drive mostly American cars.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Lithous, excuse me, but in areas where people haven't got the equipment to move tons of snow easily, everything shuts down, no matter where it is. I'm originally a "yooper" but I've lived elsewhere and chuckled at trolls, as well (people who live Under DA BRIDGE, eh? for those non-Yoopers amongst you)..... but the best such story I ever heard was that of my pal who was in the Army. He was stationed in North Carolina. They got 2" of snow and shut down the Army base. No joke, they really did! Can you imagine the President getting on the "red phone" during the Cold war of the late 1970's and telling the Premier "um, sorry, don't shoot any missiles or invade the US today, please, our Army bases are closed down, um, we got 2" of snow...." LOL.
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      Oh yeah, before you get too "down" on "Japanese" cars my Prius (with Bridgestone Blizzak real winter tires) with it's vehicle stability control, traction control, ABS, anti-lock brakes, etc., admittedly can't keep up with 4x4 SUVs - until about 20 to 30 mph when I can then blow their doors off. Up to those speeds, I still do better than most front drive cars. I've "pushed" a good foot of snow in the Prius and it did fine, better than a Cavalier with traction control I'd previously had.
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