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Well, VW may be withdrawing the Phaeton model from North America, but it's by no means dead elsewhere - witness the Phaeton Lounge stretched limo which debuted at the Middle East International Motor Show in Dubai last week.

A concept car by Volkswagen's Individual group - producers of custom-tailored versions of VW cars, primarily the Phaeton and Touareg - the uber-Phaeton measures a stately 22 feet in length, achieved by marrying three standard Phaeton bodies.

Seating only four in the passenger cabin, the Lounge features individual climate control for each passenger, front and rear wine coolers, a minibar, multi-color mood lighting, a cigar humidor, twin 17-inch monitors, and a bluetooth-enabled computer with a broadband connection.

[Source: Volkswagen]

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      • 9 Years Ago
      Yes, Alex, they are indeed two worlds apart, and that's the problem. It still says VW, and is still sold, in many cases, in shabby old dealerships with dirt storage lots. Folks paying 70 grand or more for a car expect more. My local Chevrolet agency has a nicer store than the VeeDub place down the street,

      I had a chance to ride in a Phaeton. Yes, it IS indeed a nice car. But it is also an annoying car, at least for me. Too many beeps, buzzes, blinks, and other such things. And one of the thingies on the dashboard, I forget what, required two pushes of some button to even get it to go.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I'm feeling your envy from here! The Volkswagen Phaeton is one of the finest (maybe the finest) cars produced today. have you seen where is it produced? Have you seen the photos, the technology, the craftmanship used in there? I've owned mexican and german made VWs, and they're two worlds apart.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Dollar Bill - feeling the holiday stress are ya? Take ten deep breaths and exhale slowly before you have a coronary! If that doesn't help, let me suggest you take up a membership at a boxing gym, that'll work whatever bug is up you butt out of your system.
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      • 9 Years Ago
      why would the buyer paid for this limo when they can buy a luxury bus? The bus is used by all the rock bands. This limo is pure waste of space and a symbol of decadence.
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      I have always been a VW lover for economy cars and an Audi lover for luxury cars. I have had a very tought time picking the Phaeton over the A8. But I also enjoy cars that are less common for whatever reason. I see about 5 A8's every single day. I only see about 1 Phaeton per week. For this reason, I have to pick the Phaeton over the A8.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Oh please VW !! Give us a break . Nobody bought your overpriced POS here in the states because it was a flop.
      Learn your lesson ,your cars are econo boxes that handle pretty well but some of the nastiest resale and quality one can find.You are sliding down the ladder here.
      Trust me the country club set laughed at your "Platon" the glitzy ,stretched Jetta . Give the rich a Benz,Bently,Rolls not a stretched Pasatt ...pleaseeeee
      Call it a Plebian (for low class)
      • 9 Years Ago
      While the Phaeton is leaving the US it's sales are increasing overall, up 23% in Europe, while the numbers are smaller than expected, some people get it.

      If you haven't driven one of these cars and really used it, you've no idea of the excellent craftmanship involved.

      And it really is time to get over the "Peoples Car" mentality.
      will andrews
      • 9 Years Ago
      I would have agreed with some of the negative comments but then I drove the car, bought the car and can't stop driving it since. The Phaeton's first year numbers were almost double the Audi A8. The sad part is the lack of staying power from VW. This car is not for the faint of heart who do what is expected of them from their friends at the club. If you can afford it except for the peer pressure then you should save the money on your car and spend it on therapy. I came out of a MB which never drove like the Phaeton. If you like driving, the Phaeton is outrageous. If you need to impress a stranger at a red light or so called friend at the club buy the MB or BMW and stop complaining about people who buy what they like to drive and not the tag on the hood.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Sorry Bud, you got your causality backwards...

      The Phaeton was a flop because nobody bought it... not the other way around.