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There are so many reports of Apple’s Mac mini computer being installed in cars that we usually let them fly by our eyes with nary a notice. This one, however, found by the guys over at Foursprung caught our attention. The subject of the install was a 2006 Infiniti M45 Sport with a nav screen in the center console and another drop-down monitor in the ceiling. Both monitors can display the Mini’s video out, which is pretty trick, and the creator uses his own Bluetooth-enabled Palm Treo 650 as a remote with a program called Salling Clicker. The tiny Mac also has a built in airport card for wireless internet when parked within a network and the computer can also get online using the Treo 650’s built-in dial-up connection in a pinch. The best feature is that is a program called Rsync X allows the car to sync up its iTunes library at night in the garage with the one on the Powermac G5 in the house.

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      Chinese mini-PCs run Linux, target specialty apps

      A systems integrator in GuangDong province, China, is shipping an extensive line of Pentium-based miniPCs that run Linux. The SD-Omega MiniPC line comprises 44 variations, include passively cooled and quiet models targeting car PCs and HTPCs (home-theater PCs), car pcs, and DVR models.

      More details from Linuxdevices.com, http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS3892602873.html

      Additional details are available at the SD-Omega mini pc website,http://www.sd-omega.com
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      Man maybe I'll do that to my BMW. I got my Palm Treo 650 to BlueTooth with my 06 325i and it Rocks the HOUSE. I am graphic designer and super familliar with macs as well. Maybe I'll try my hand pumping a video signal on to my nav screen too! Here is my story about synching the BMW with the Treo: