Leading Honda tuner Mugen has always enjoyed a cosy relationship with its favorite manufacturer.  Thus, it's fitting that the firm has unveiled an oh-so-OEM flash-heavy microsite for its latest concept, 'The Dominator.' 

Details on the Dom are slim, but the company's skunkworks have cranked the dials up to '11' on a 2006 Civic sedan, strapping on a 'Super Charger' (sic) to generate the obligatory vulgar display of power that's become necessary for any showcar. Mugen routes a claimed 300 metric horsepower (that's about 296 ponies to you, Yankee) from its artificially aspirated K20A powerplant through a six-speed manual transmission, but amazingly, the company makes no note of a limited-slip differential. Best double-check the life insurance policy, then.

In the styling department, Mugen's gone Alfa, subtly grafting a pair of rear 'beertap' style door handles in the Civic's C-pillars, giving the Dominator a more coupe-like profile. An admittedly handsome body kit with center-exit twin exhausts and undertray, 18" wheels with uprated kicks, and a gigantic wing (natch) properly sell the drama, particularly with the sharp-looking front/rear light fixtures (factory issue, not-for-U.S.-consumption bits).  The approximately 5,000 coats of lipstick-red paint don't hurt, either.

The Dominator is set to break cover at the 2006 Tokyo Auto Salon on January 13th.

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