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Can you say "downforce?" Even that big gaudy surfboard on the back contributes to it, no doubt. For just $129,000 and up, you can have your very own Dodge Viper "Copperhead" Competition Racer, which shaves half a second off the stock Viper's 0-60 time, adds 20 horses and includes a multitude of performance goodies, a single-seat racing interior, and a ground clearance of a mere three inches. Although we doubt we'd take this car's paint job on the track for anything more than a photo shoot. More pics and full specs from Eric after the jump.

SEMA Viper
SEMA Viper
SEMA Viper
SEMA Viper
SEMA Viper<a class=Dodge Viper Copperhead Competition Racer" src="" align="top" border="1" height="361" hspace="1" vspace="4" width="450" />

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