suzuki blizzard 400 pr photo

Currently on display at the California show are two Suzuki concept "lifestyle activity vehicles," the "Blizzard" Grand Vitara and the "Sea" Forenza Wagon.

The cars are part of a Suzuki "LIVE Series" of concept vehicles, intended to show how Suzuki's products can integrate into its customers' lifestyles.

The Blizzard, targeted at skiers and boarders, features a custom rack with backlit board mounts, a roof rack camera, a rear gate seating arrangement for taking gear on or off, built-in glove and boot warmers, ventilated wet gear storage, iPod docking station, internet access, and in-car video/gaming system.

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suzuki sea 400 pr photo

The Forenza Sea, for surfers, includes a wetsuit dryer, custom roof rack, large sunroof, biometric door locks (so you don?t have to take your keys with you), hand-held shower unit, ventilated wet gear storage, internet access, and iPod-compatible audio system with rear subwoofer.

[Source: Suzuki]