• Sep 14th 2005 at 5:00PM
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Love him or hate him, former President Bill Clinton was very good at surrounding himself with smart, savvy people. Maybe Bill Ford is taking a page from his book.

Recently, it was reported that both GM and Ford had unsuccessfully attempted to woo DaimlerChrysler boss Dieter Zetsche. It seems Zetsche wasn't the only golden boy courted by Ford.

Ghosn, who led Nissan into the black after it bled red for years, evidently turned down an offer from Ford (for the second time — Ford also courted him in 2002 after ousting Jacques Nasser) because the Ford family holds 40 percent of the voting shares and could interfere a little too much with his job.

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      It'll be interesting to see what Ford's NA boss, Mark Fields, does for the company: Ford looks abroad for half of parts http://www.detnews.com/2005/autosinsider/0509/14/A01-314537.htm I'll be especially curious to see how he deals with the UAW. I don't see his approach with Land Rover would work with them.
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      Looking at car lines, Ford looks a bit better off than GM. My synopsis is that there is so much bureacracy that anyone in GM or Ford with good vision and idea couldn`t drive it home anyway. There must be people working within these companys that know where the problems lie. We discuss on this site what changes could take place to make things better. I hope the people who hold governing positions in these companys are smarter than us here on this site. If not maybe they should get paid what they are really worth. Then maybe the UAW will be more receiptive to concessions. How could anyone justify milllion+ yearly wages and have to woo in somebody to fix their company for them? Don`t blame unions.
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      maybe ghosn doesnt want to jump into a titanic
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      Was that before or after Les Aspin. I don't know if we will ever know if Monika was any good but, Savvy, Never. As far as Renault goes, I'm surprised about the outcome with Nissan. It didn't work when they tried to merge with Volvo and Mack Truck is far better off now that they have left the Renault fold.
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      In my opinion, the best Ford vehicles are the ones based upon other company's platforms: 1) Fusion/Zephyr/Milano from the Mazda6 2) 500/Montego (boring styling excepted) from the Volvo cars. Therefore, Ford should just move the people in their organization that already know how to make excellent cars such as the people in Hiroshima to positions of power in Ford. Mark Fields was at Mazda, but he is not responisble for them creating great cars. I am talking about the Japanese managers in Hiroshima. I do not see Ford swallowing their pride, though, and moving the product development geniuses behind the RX-8, MX-5, etc. into power positions in the US.