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Leave it to Subaru to take a popular concept and tweak it just to be different. Famous for its horizontally opposed boxer engines, Subaru is now pioneering a new type of hybrid drivetrain that combines the company's 2.0L turbo EJ20 four-cylinder with a small electric motor and battery pack.
The engine has been modified to use the Miller Cycle, a technique that leaves the intake valves open during the beginning of the compression stroke to increase engine efficiency. Though normally coupled with a supercharger, like in the late Mazda Millenia, the Miller Cycle in Subaru's TPH relies on a turbo to "over-feed" the cylinders. The turbo's inherent lack of low-end torque is then compensated for by the output of the electric motor, thus creating a match made in heaven.

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Power output is expected to be similar to that of the non-hybrid 2.0L turbo, or around 256 hp, while mileage is expected to increase from 30.6 mpg to 38.3 mpg. According to Subaru?s data, that would make its Legacy Hybrid more powerful and more fuel efficient than the Honda Accord Hybrid.

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      me want.
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      Wow. Subaru really likes bald guys in suits promoting their cars. First, Lance, now Bruce.
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      I think you need to point out that the data you're mentioning is for the Legacy as it's sold in Japan, not the US. Here the Legacy GT is a 2.5L turbo with fuel economy of 19/25/21. Keep in mind, too, that the figures quoted on Green Car Congress are Japanese 10/15 Cycle fuel economy measurements and they're being compared to EPA estimates for the Accord Hybrid. Also, the Legacy GT gets 12 km/L (28.2 mpg) in one trim and 13 km/L (30.6) in another. http://www.subaru.co.jp/legacy/b4/spec/index.html Since the Accord Hybrid isn't sold in Japan, one can't directly compare the 2.0L Legacy GT (Japan) with the Accord Hybrid (US). However, taking the Honda Insight as an example, since it's sold in both countries, compare the fuel mileage ratings in Japan versus the US: Insight 5 speed (mpg) Japan - 84.7 (=36.0 km/L) US - 63 ratio = 1.34 Insight CVT (mpg) Japan - 75.3 (=32.0 km/L) US - 56 ratio = 1.34 So, the Legacy 2.0 Turbo would likely rate at 21.0 to 22.8 in the US -- pretty much the same as the EPA rating for the 2.5 Turbo sold in the US. Improving those numbers by 20% - the improvement Subaru estimates with its new engine - would bump those numbers to 25.2-27.3 MPG. The Accord Hybrid is rated at 32 MPG, for comparison. Sidenote: gotta love Bruce Willis selling those Subarus in Japan... http://www.subaru.co.jp/legacy/index.html
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      I hope that they use a modified version of their 6-spd transmission and design it for smooth highway cruising. The gearing on the '02 WRX which I used to have, was "weird" at higher highway speeds (75mph-90mph) to say the least; it was great around town however. Subaru should look the Germans for their highway driving gearing.
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      Nice. We own an Accord hybrid and to have a car with similar mileage but even more powerful would be a great match. Hope Suburu, though, keeps a sunroof as an option for such a future vehicle (unlike Honda.)